Thursday, March 2, 2017

PMA4 Starts March 6

The 4th and final Progress Monitoring Assessment begins Monday, March 6. The window ends on April 7.

You will probably want for your students to complete the Progress Monitoring Assessment as soon as possible. The sooner the assessment is complete, the sooner you have your reports.

What to do in preparation for PMA

  1. When students know that the data is important to you, it will be more important to them. Run the Class PMA report and talk briefly with each student about the percentage of correct answers on each subject during PMA1, PMA2, and PMA3. Asking them to predict a score for PMA4 is a possible motivator.
  2. Review test-taking strategies. Students should use scratch paper on the math problems. Trying to do calculations in one's head is a recipe for disaster. 

What to do after PMA

  1. Run the Class PMA Report. You will see a list of every standard with the percentage of correct answers. Which standards were low? How will you remediate these standards before the high-stakes test?
  2. Do you want to do small-group instruction based on a particularly important standard. Run the Class Grouping Report. For each standard, you will see who scored 70% or above, who scored below 50%, and who scored between 50% and 70%.

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