Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Honor for Stride

Dear Friends,

As another year closes, we are reminded how grateful we are for you, our Stride partners! Because of your dedication, your students are well-positioned to make #MonumentalAchievements in 2016!
We are also humbled to announce that this month, LTS Education Systems has been honored among 300 edtech companies as one of the “20 Most Promising K12 Technology Solution Providers” by CIO Review.

CIO Review analyzed over 300 companies providing K12 solutions to select the top 20 at the forefront of tackling customer challenges. As leaders of digital learning in your school, you can relate:
“Digital learning implementation takes time, investment, effort and planning. No matter what piece of digital learning schools use, it will fail or succeed based on how serious of a commitment administrators are willing to make. Also there should be an effort to help students use the new tools in thoughtful ways,” said CIO Review Managing Editor Jeevan George.

Thank YOU for making the commitment to Stride and following through for your students!
The CIO Review K12 special edition highlights LTS and Stride for our merit in “Improving Student Achievement through Game-Based Learning.” We hope you will take the time to read and share with your colleagues this spotlight on LTS and Stride from our Founder and CEO, Brian Shulman’s, point-of-view. Click here to download the PDF.
Thank you for another great year! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


The LTS Education Systems & Stride Team

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Stride Alabama December e-News

Stride Alabama December e-News

As we close the final month of another year in our 9-year partnership with Alabama schools, we are so thankful for the gift of working with you! We wish every Stride administrator, teacher, student and parent a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Remember to encourage usage of Stride over the Winter Break with Holiday Stride Contests! (Here's how.)
"Top Thinkers" at A.M. Windham Elementary 
Congratulations to the winners of the "Thanksgiving Thinking" contest at A.M. Windham Elementary (Daleville City Schools).  These two Super-Star Second Graders, pictured below with their official Stride certificates, are from Mrs. Barbara Webb's math class and together earned a combined 57,272 Star Points during Thanksgiving vacation!
Principal Chris Mitten, Mrs. Webb, your CLAS Academic Specialist Gina Price, and the entire crew here at LTS are SO PROUD of you! Keep setting an amazing example for your classmates!
Litzy Diego is Dreaming BIG with Stride!Eighth grader Litzy Diego has dedicated herself to using Stride consistently after school. What's her motivation?  Litzy aspires to be a doctor one day! She chooses to focus her Stride skills practice mostly on Science content. Over Thanksgiving Break, Litzy correctly answered over 1,000 questions and accumulated over 3 million Star Points! We think her diligence and drive is going to prepare her well for the long hours of learning and helping others one day as a future MD!  
Pictured below: Keisha Ragland (teacher), Litzy Diego, Rhonda Lewis (CLAS Academic Specialist) 
Litzy attends Zora Ellis Middle School (Talladega City Schools). She says Stride is making a difference in her life by helping her learn more and make real-life connections to her school assignments. Her favorite game is Pigskin Passer. Litzy was awarded a Walmart gift card from CLAS Academic Specialist Rhonda Lewis for her success. Way to go, Litzy! Your dream is within your reach!
Let's Talk Turkey at C.L. Salter Elementary! (Talladega City Schools)
Stride Coordinator Linda Varnedore 
organized C.L. Salter's first Thanksgiving Stride Contest over the break (titled "Let's Talk Turkey!").

"Students really enjoyed it and asked me to please do another contest. What was funny is most of the students went back on Stride when given a chance to do any program!" said Mrs. Varnedore.

Pictured below with Mrs. Varnedore are the Top Winners, having earned the most Star Points during the contest. Congratulations to:
1st Place Winner -  4th Grader Harmony Webb with 39,945 Star Points. 
2nd Place Winner - 2nd Grader Corneilous James with 34,644 Star Points.
DIY: Create a Stride Informational Video for Your School Website!
Here's a great idea to communicate on your school website how Stride works and how parents and community members can support program use -- Create your own podcast or informational video!
Media/Technology Specialist Jana Moon at Highland Elementary (Etowah County Schools) shared her own podcast with us as a great model that you can mirror for your own video. Make it a goal for second semester to storyboard, film and produce a Stride video of your own that your school can be proud of! Your students and teachers will love being a part of the production!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and we will see you in 2016!

Amy Frith, editor
Stride Alabama e-news

Monday, November 30, 2015

A Gift from Stride...3 New Games

Go Ahead, See What's Inside!

We couldn't wait any longer! Please enjoy 3 brand-new Arcade game selections, available today (and all through the Fall and Winter breaks!) when you login to Stride! An early holiday gift from us to keep your students excited about Stride while they're away from your classroom.
As the numbers 1, 3 and 9 appear in the queue, decide where to place them next to matching numbers. Three in a row (or more) of a number will cause them to add up to a larger number! ...1+1+1=3, 3+3+3=9, 9+9+9=27, and so on! As you play, learn to become more strategic about where you place numbers, so you can add up to larger numbers and boost your score!  Available for all grades.
Crowded Tower
Climb the Crowded Tower to the very top floor -- but beware of dangerous obstacles and creepy things that go bump in the night! Tap 1 time for a short jump. Tap 2 times for a high jump. See how high you can  make it up the Crowded Tower! Available for all grades.
Catch the falling blocks before they hit the floor -- but you must catch them with a diamond of the same color! Click and hold to move all of the the colored diamonds horizontally at the same time. Release to move them back to their starting places on the sidelines. How many falling blocks can you "catch" to rack up points and move to the next level? Available for all grades.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

End of Progress Monitoring Assessment 2

Just a reminder that the window for Progress Monitoring Assessment 2 closes December 5. Since the 5th is a Saturday, the last date students will be able to take PMA is December 4.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

These Alabama schools are thankful for...

I received this email today:

It's time to do a trot...
And to give a little THANKS
For all that you have got!
We simply want to say...
Stuff yourself with FUN & FOOD

Happy Thanksgiving from Stride & LTS!
Thankful in Alabama!
We are so grateful for the outpouring of support we received for our "Stride Thankfulness" campaignthis month! We asked Alabama students and educators to tell us why they're thankful for the Stride programthis year. Here are some of the great responses we received!
We could not believe our eyes when Jami Danford, Technology Specialist for B.B. Comer Elementary, sent us this video she produced! Check it out: 
Teachers at B.B. Comer highlight students with the top usage of Stride through two exciting contests: Stride "Super Stars" (classes with the top academic badges) and "Star Point Millionaires" (students with 1 million + Star points). Congrats to the November leaders in each contest (listed below) – You are truly #MonumentalAchievers!
Just down the road at the high school campus, teacher Jack Jackson shares, "Most of my students were hooked on Stride by day one. I have one student with over 3 million star points this first month of using Stride, and two with 2 million! The most points and the most badges by Christmas break win a pizza party." This is definitely something to look forward to!
Principal  Jonathan Allen at T.R. Simmons shared why he is thankful for Stride at his school:
"Instructional leaders are inundated with programs and materials that all claim to support student learning.  When I first learned our district was approved to receive the Motivated Data/Stride grant, I was very skeptical.  Consequently, since Mrs. McLemore has implemented the Stride program school-wide, I could not be more pleased.  Teachers and students alike have commented about the learning and games they have experienced through Stride.  As the second window of progress monitoring opens, teachers are discussing how the testing data will inform instruction and document individual student growth.  Moreover, a few teachers have already begun using the individual student reports for student conferences and goal setting.  Many of our students have already earned over a million star points with as much as 10% of student usage occurring at home.  I am very pleased with how this program has engaged our students in their personal educational growth.  We have just begun touching the surface on how this will impact our instruction."  Thank you for your kind words, Principal Allen!
Kristy Harmon at Pinecrest shared, "We are thankful for Stride because we enjoy having a program that helps our students practice the necessary skills they must have in order to progress to their greatest learning potential.  Our students enjoy the challenges provided by Stride, as well as the coin rewards they achieve.  Our school providesscheduled time for Stride each week and recognizes students with the highest percentage of improvement at the end of the nine-weeks.  They are also rewarded with additional coins." Keep up the good work, Pinecrest!
Amy Hurst at Constantine Elementary wrote, "We are thankful to have a program like Stride. Stride is encouraging and fun to our students, and we have the best support around by our CLAS Academic Specialist, Gay Adams!" 

Thank you to all of the Alabama schools who sent in their expressions of thankfulness! Your teachers and students are the reason we continue to work hard to deliver fun and learning through the Stride program!
And a special THANK YOU to all of our CLAS Academic Specialists for the incredible work you do supporting our Alabama schools.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Stride & LTS Team!

Amy Frith, editor
Alabama Stride e-News
866.552.9192, ext. 1011
What is it that you are thankful for?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What Are You Thankful For?

I received this email from Stride today:

Good afternoon, friends!

I'd like to ask your help in connecting me to some of your key contacts and Stride cheerleaders in the Alabama schools. For the month of November, I am gathering Expressions of Thankfulness to share in our next Alabama Stride e-Newsletter! 

Specifically, I am looking for two things:
  1. Teachers or administrators who will share why they are thankful for Stride.
  2. Students who will share why they are thankful for their favorite teacher. 
The teacher feedback is valuable to us for obvious reasons; the student feedback is heartfelt, endearing and brings a smile to everyone's faces as they are reminded of what an impression teachers make on their students. I know I always enjoy reading the candid thoughts of children.

Can you help me gather these statements of thankfulness, OR, can you please send me the names and contact information so that I may reach out to them personally? I am happy to do so if you will simply recommend some folks you believe will participate! 

Thank you in advance for your (always wonderful) help! I'd like to have these by Nov. 15 at latest.

Amy Frith

If you would like to respond to Amy, you can do so at this address.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Stride Alabama e-News: October 2015

Stride Alabama e-News: October 2015
Happy Halloween! 
This month has been a TREAT for us here at LTS and Stride. We had a blast during our first-everHomecoming Week, and we want to thank all of our Alabama schools who showed their #StridePride onFacebook and social media!
We've also had a HUGE influx of Stride stories, pictures and video submissions from across the state. Keep them coming!
The "MILLION CLUB" at Lyeffion Junior High (Evergreen)
Lyeffion staff have designed a unique motivational opportunity for their junior high students. They've created a beautiful, star-studded "Million Club" banner (pictured above) that teachers update every 1-2 weeks to celebrate students with the top Star Points. 
Lyeffion students are utilizing Stride in the computer lab, on iPads (in the classroom and library), and at home on a daily basis. Lyeffion teachers also use Stride for RTIto help struggling students improve math and reading skills.  

"The points add up fast," says Vicki Herring. "The students remind me when their totals need changing! Our top student now has 11,933,299 Star Points! They are very proud of their points and really enjoy having their names and total Star Points on the banner.  I also display the names of the student who has the most Star Points (under a million) and the most coins in each class. This motivates them to keep working to be in the Million Club!" 
At the end of the year on "Honors Day," the students in the Million Club receive T-shirts and certificates and are recognized before the faculty, student body and parents. They are also rewarded with  a cupcake/brownie/popcorn party! Congratulations to ALL members of the Million Club! Keep working hard!
"We really enjoy this program! You should hear all of the 'coin noise' in the computer lab when they are answering questions correctly! The students love that!" -Vicki Herring, Lyeffion JHS
Bookmarks for Bulldogs at Highland Elementary (Gadsden)
All Highland Elementary students who reached their goals during the 1st Nine Weeks of school were awarded a Captain Captivator Bookmark (designed by the creative staff at Highland Elementary!) along with a fun Halloween Pencil!  Nice work, Bulldogs!
"We are proud of these boys and girls!" says Jana Moon, Media Specialist & Technology Coordinator.
Ice Cream and Photo Shoots at Collins-Rhodes Elementary (Eight Mile)
Demetria S. Adams, Technology Support Teacher, reports that students at Collins-Rhodes Elementary celebrated their 1st quarter Stride achievements with anIce Cream Bash and Photo Shoot! The fifth grade students who earned themost academic badges for 1st quarter were treated to an ice cream bash with a lavish toppings bar.  These top students also participated in an exclusive photoshoot in which they had their pictures taken with the very special Stride Academy Top Student frame.  
These top Collins-Rhodes students also received certificates congratulating them for their top honors.  Principal Veronica W. Coleman is very pleased with her students’ participation in the Stride program. She looks forward to students earning even more academic badges for 2nd quarter!
Back to School Blitz at Florence Middle School (Florence)

Instructional Partner Jill Edwards
 shared pictures of Florence Middle School's first school-wide contest winners as they enjoyed a pizza celebration and shared their favorite things about the Stride program -- and their "wish list" of what they'd like to see next in Stride! We always appreciate the feedback of our students! 
The school-wide Stride competition took place over a short, four-day period to see how many points students could earn over the long weekend (since they were off on Monday). What a great idea to hold a "blitz contest" over a short vacation period!
Have a Happy Halloween and a safe weekend! Thanks to all of our Alabama schools for your dedication to the Stride program. Send your school's highlights, pictures, videos or story ideas for next month to:

Amy Frith, editorStride Alabama e-News