Thursday, October 29, 2015

Producing a Profile on a Student

One school asked about how to produce a profile of a single student. The particular task was to provide data for the student as he was brought before the Problem Solving Team. Since 5 other students were being discussed at the same meeting, the task would also involve producing this same profile for each of those students as well.

What follows are the instructions for getting this type of data the easiest way I know how:
  1. Use the administrative login to access Stride .
  2. Click "Reports."
  3. Click "Generate Real-Time Reports."
  4. Click "View Reports."
  5. Select "Student PMA Report."

You would probably get this far just through some trial and error. At this point, you are asked to select a class

After selecting a class, you are asked to select a student. Your thought at this point would likely be something along this line: "The first student is enrolled in 3 different KCC numbers. That means I will have to run this process 3 times. I have a total of 6 students to prepare. I am looking at 3x6, or 18 times I will have to run the report."

Let's reduce that number. In fact, let's reduce it from 18 to 1. 

In the Class ID box, we are going to select the entire list of classes.
  1. Click the first class.
  2. Scroll to the end of the list.
  3. Hold the Shift key.
  4. Click the last entry on the list.
  5. The entire list will be highlighted.
You could accomplish the same thing is this particular program by clicking the word "All" just below the Class ID box.

In the "Student" box, the entire student body will be listed. In fact, you will find the same student listed multiple times. The student enrolled in 3 classes will be listed 3 time.

  1. Hold the Control key.
  2. Scroll through the list, and click each of the appropriate students. If the student has 3 entries, click all 3.
Check the start and end dates and click "Apply." The report for each of the 6 students will appear.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Video on Technology Enhanced Items

Stride is developing questions which go beyond multiple choice. These additional items, referred to as "Technology-Enhanced Items" are demonstrated in this short video

Thursday, October 15, 2015

STRIDE Homecoming Week

Next Week is Stride Homecoming Week 2015!Show Your #StridePride and Win!
Calling All Stride Monumental Achievers!
Captain Captivator here, inviting you to join in the fun of our first annual Stride Homecoming Week! Show your #StridePride next week, Oct. 19-23by having your staff and students participate in our Dress-Up Days Monday through Friday, and our Virtual Pep Rally on Social Media!
Share our Homecoming Calendar with your staff and students this week, so they can plan to participate! Our team here at LTS Education Systems are also taking part in Dress-Up Days and will be sharing our #StridePride pictures on social media all week long!
Here's How to Join in the Fun:
Share pictures on social media of your students and staff sporting their #StridePride on Dress-Up Days, and be sure to tag LTS Education Systems and use the official hashtag of Homecoming: #StridePride! Better yet, encourage your pep squads, cheerleading teams, athletic teams, band members or other school organizations to get creative! 
  • Create an original #StridePride chant or cheer! Share the video on Facebook.
  • Paint a #StridePride banner! Show it off on Twitter.
  • Have the band play a song they think captures #StridePride! Let’s make it viral!

The BEST submission showing SUPERLATIVE #StridePride will win a pizza party for the class or organization contributing the winning picture or video!  You will also be highlighted on our website and in Stride e-news!  I, Captain Captivator, the greatest monumental achiever of all time, will judge the entries to select the winner. Trust me, I know extreme #StridePride when I see it!
Homecoming Week Calendar: Oct. 19-23
  1. MondayOct. 19Roll-Out-Of-Bed Monday (We know it's hard... wear your PJs!)
  2. Tuesday, Oct. 20Hollywood Tuesday (Dress as your Favorite Movie Character)
  3. Wednesday, Oct. 21What Not to WearWednesday (Dress as WACKY as you can... still within Dress Code!)
  4. Thursday, Oct. 22: Throwback Thursday (Dress "Totally 80s")
  5. Friday, Oct. 23Super Hero Spirit Friday (Dress as your Favorite Super Hero. ***A special prize goes to the best impersonation of yours truly, Captain Captivator!***)