Thursday, October 5, 2017

Progressing Through PMA

The first Progress Monitoring Assessment ends October 13.

You have the ability to run a report on PMA for both the school and the classroom level.

Running the PMA Report at the School Level:
  1. Use the school administrative login to access Stride Academy.
  2. Click the "Reports" tab.
  3. Click the blue "Generate Real-Time Reports" button.
  4. Click "View Reports."
  5. From the list of reports which appears, click "School PMA Report."
  6. The defaults on the next screen should be OK as is.
  7. Click the red "Apply" button.

You will notice that the graph is the first page of almost two-dozen pages of data. You can click through those graphs and tables to see data for each class and data for each grade level.

My recommendation would be to share with any given teacher the data for that teacher's class and the average for the grade level as a whole. That way, each teacher gets an idea where he or stands in relationship to the rest of the pack without ranking teachers. Richard Defoor addresses this point in his PLC seminars.

Running the PMA Report at the Classroom Level:
  1. Use your KCC code and password to access Stride Academy.
  2. Click the "Reports" tab.
  3. Click the blue "Generate Real-Time Reports" button.
  4. Click "View Reports."
  5. From the list of reports which appears, click "Class PMA Report."
  6. The defaults on the next screen should be OK as is.
  7. Click the red "Apply" button.
The resulting graph will look much the same as the school graph displayed above. Clicking through the remaining pages will reveal data on each student.

(You will notice the graphs show Math, reading, and Science. You will have only Math and Reading.)

Monday, October 2, 2017

October is National Principal's Month

This video was created by a student at New Milford High School when she learned that her principal, Eric Sheniger, was leaving his position as principal. A high school noted for its accomplishments with technology, this "gift" to her exiting principal illustrates how technology can be used as a tool to foster creativity, communicate with passion, and invoke emotion in others.

The creator of this video as writes in the notes which accompany it on YouTube,:

"AKA how my high school principal inspired the leader hiding inside a frightened freshman girl You'll be sorely missed, sir; I couldn't thank you enough for everything you've done for me."

There is perhaps no better time than October, National Principal's Month, to share this moving video.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Repurposing Contests

School years run in cycles. Many of the same activities repeat annually at the same time. If you have been using the Contest feature of Stride and want to repeat some of the same contests each year, here's a tip.

Rather than create a new contest, simply change the dates on the ones you already have.

Click the "Edit" button. Enter a new start date and end date. Your new contest is ready! In a couple of minutes, you can have all of your contests ready for the new year.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Study Shows Positive Impact of Stride on ACT Aspire Scores

The Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools (CLAS) announced the results of a research study related related to Stride. The study, conducted by Auburn University, measured the impact of Stride on ACT Aspire Results.

Here are the key findings:

  1. Stride students overall improved math benchmark pass rates by 15% compared to their demographically matched peers who improved pass rate by 8%. 
  2. For reading benchmarks, Stride students improved by 10% whereas their peers showed no statistically significant change. 
  3. Economically disadvantaged Stride students improved math pass rate by 23% whereas their peers showed no statistically significant change. 
  4. Students using Stride who are both African-American and economically disadvantaged improved at a greater rate than their peers for math pass rate (23% vs. 10%) and reading pass rate (18% vs. 13%). 
  5. Students in Special Education who used Stride improved reading benchmark pass rate by 57% compared to an improvement of 33% by their matched peers. 

According to the research findings, “the results suggest that the Stride™ program has been successful during the 2015 and 2016 school years in improving academic achievement in targeted schools."

This finding is in accord with a data analysis of the program done in 2011-12 by the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama (PARCA) which found that students enrolled in the program ‘showed positive results in 8th Grade Math and Reading scores relative to their matched peers’.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

PMA Extended to October 20

Because of Hurricane Irma, the PMA window has been extended to October 20. Stride is a nationwide program, and many schools in the impacted areas are Stride users.

Truthfully, the end date of PMA shouldn't be an issue for any of our Calhoun County Schools. Best practice is for each school to set its own narrow window at the beginning of the national window. That way, you get your results quickly, can use the data immediately, and can take advantage of Quiz Builder and the Adaptive Engine.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Changing the Curriculum for Multiple Students

We all encounter times when one student needs something different from the rest of the class. That's why the Curriculum tab on Stride allows you to select a student and assign only the skills you desire for him or her.

What if you have several students in one class for whom you need to change the curriculum? You can certainly handle each one-at-a-time. But what if they all need the same skills? It would be nice to multi-select those students and let one change do for all.

Luckily, there is a way to multi-select students and change the curriculum:

  • Go to the Curriculum tab. 
  • Under the "I want to change the curriculum for," look below the radio buttons and find the two large, blue buttons. 
  • Click "Set & Assign Curriculum to Multiple Students at Once." (It won't matter whether the radio button is set to "The entire class" or "This individual student.")
  • On the next screen, you see two green buttons. Choose "Select Multiple Students." 

  • On the next screen, you see a drop-down that lets you put check marks beside the names of the students. 

  • On the right-hand side of the screen, choose "Include only the specific skill areas..." Continue to select from the desired folder, and begin choosing the needed skills.
  • You also saw another green button, the one about selecting groups. If you have several students who will probably all need the same skills as you move through the year. You can create a group and assign skills to the entire group at once.

In education, we have always wanted to differentiate for students. The logistics and time required get in the way of the best intentions. Being able to multi-select students and adjust their curriculum makes differentiation easier.

Friday, September 15, 2017

How to Know Who Still Needs PMA

For a teacher, it's easy to know which students have completed PMA and which have not. Just look at the "Class Roster" tab.

What if you are an administrator? How can you tell what students throughout the school still needs to complete PMA?

When an administrator logs in, the default is the "School Info" screen. The lower-case letters indicate classes which still have at least one student not finished with PMA. The first number in the parentheses indicates how many students have not finished. But how could you get a list of names of who those students are?

Finding the Names

  1. As you are looking at the "School Info" screen, click on the blue "Enrolled students" button in the upper right-hand corner. 
  2. On the next screen, click the blue "Download as Excel" button. 
  3.  The results will be a list of students sorted by grade level. Within each grade level, students are organized by KCC.  
  4. The "PMA 1" column will give you what you are looking for.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Your Picture Here

Do you have a Stride story to tell? What's working for you? What are students saying? What are parents saying?

I would like to hear your good news and share it in this space with others. You can send digital pictures and your story to me at this email address:

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Progress Monitoring Is Up and Going

If you teach students in the K-8 range, the Progress Monitoring Assessment has begun. When students log in, they automatically begin PMA questions just by clicking on the big coin. Each subject area requires around 30-45 minutes.

Don't worry if a student does not finish in one sitting. When the student logs in next time, PMA questions resume. Another good feature is that when students go home, PMA pauses. Students may use Stride Academy, but they receive the regular Stride Adaptive Engine questions. That way, students are under your supervision during PMA.

You will see who has finished PMA when you log into Stride and look at your Class Roster.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

No PMA for Science

PMA consists of tests in reading and math. There will be no science assessment this year.

Stride is in the process of examining the alignment between its Science curriculum and Alabama standards. During this process, there will be no Science PMA.

If you are an administrator, here is what you will see on the "Assessments" tab.

Notice that all of the selections are "grayed-out." You are not able to make any changes from the school level. You cannot turn off PMA. Furthermore, you cannot turn on PMA for Science even if you want to.

While we are talking about subjects...

Now is a good time for every teacher to look at the Curriculum tab to be sure everything is set correctly.

  • Which subjects should students work on in your class? Be sure those subjects are checked. Are your students finding they are missing a coin for a subject when they log into Stride?  The culprit will be what is checked on the Curriculum tab.
  • Do you have the "F.A.S.T. 360 Adaptive Engine" checked? That's going to be the place you generally want your students to be.
  • Do you have a student with some special needs? In the "I want to change the curriculum for" section, bullet "This individual student" and choose the student from the drop-down list. Now, you can check the appropriate subjects for that student. If you only want the student to work on certain standards, bullet "Include only the specific skill areas that I choose." Click "Choose Skills" and start to drill down to the skills you want that student to have. Don't forget to return to this spot and change those skills at the appropriate time.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Student Shop:An Overview

The Stride Shop has been a part of the program for a year. It is an optional component. Students will not even see the Stride Shop as a menu item unless the school or teacher has added items to the Stride Shop.

Are You Using Learning Earnings?

The Stride Shop is very similar to Learning Earnings. In fact, they are so similar they would duplicate each other.

If your school is using Learning Earnings, here's my suggestions:

Put exactly one item in the Stride Shop...a certain number of coins earned allows the student to buy a certain number of Learning Earnings Bucks. The school can decide on what those coin amounts and LE Bucks would be.

This way, the Stride Shop feeds into Learning Earnings and strengthens that program. At the same time, students have one more reason to use Stride...earn coins to buy Learning Earnings Bucks.

If You Are Not Using Learning Earnings

If you are not using Learning Earnings, read through the rest of the post. It's sort of like Amazon for students! Many older students are not motivated by the games. However, as a teacher or school, you can add items to the Stride Shop that appeal to them.

The Stride Shop allows the students an additional way to spend coins. They can play game or they can spend them in the Stride Shop.

Our coin-based rewards system + your prizes =
Your Student Shop is Open For Business!
We love your spirit of rewarding students' hard work.  So we've created a place for teachers to incentivize learning with more options than games.  Welcome to your very own Student Shop, your online marketplace for classroom rewards!  Stock your Student Shop with prizes like these examples*, set the parameters for students to earn each reward, and elevate the learning excitement!
*These are examples only.  Prizes and rewards must be furnished by teachers/staff, parents, school community partners, etc., and are not provided by LTS/Stride. 
Here's How to Get Started:
Click on the New "Student Shop" tab
on your Teacher Dashboard.

There you'll see the Quick Start Menu for your Student Shop -- and it's as easy as it looks!  Since you are brand-new to this, you'll likely want to start with "Create a new product." 
Creating a new product will prompt you for  the details you need to enter about an item, in order to add it to your Shop.  Decide on a Coin Cost, a Limit per student, DescriptionUpload an Image and more!  You can go back andEdit a Product anytime you like.  Here's an example:
Soon, you'll have a collection of rewards to jumpstart student usage in Stride!  To view your product catalog, select the option for "Manage Products."  See how nicely organized:
The Student Shop will track your new orders each day, and tabulate your Order History for easy reference.  You can also set up Email Alerts to notify you when students place orders or when an item is out of stock.  Soon you'll begin to see which prizes are most popular, so you can add inventory!
Once you deliver a prize to a student, click on the hyperlinked status for "Delivered?"  A pop-up message from will prompt you to change the order status to "Fulfilled" (by selecting OK).
The Student Shop allows you the flexibility to turn off Permissions for individual students who may not be in good standing to participate. Once they've earned back that privilege, you can easily turn their permissions back on.
As soon as you have one (1) item added to your Shop, your students will be able to access the Student Shop on their Stride interface.  Instruct them to look for the "Shop" menu option.
The Student Shop is active in your Stride account today!
If for any reason, your school or district wishes to DISABLE the Student Shop functionality, your Stride Administrator may contact Customer Support at or 1.866.552.9192.
Be a Featured Contributor!  
We simply cannot wait to hear about the rewards you are offering, and your students' participation. Email Amy Frith, e-News editor, to share your ideas for the Student Store. We will publish a list of the best in our next issue!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Correction on PMA

The post from earlier today talked about the Progress Monitoring Assessment being for "Math, Reading, and Science." It should have said "Math and Reading." There will be no Science PMA again this year.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Reminder of Start Date for PMA

On September 4, all Alabama schools using Stride began the window for the Progress Monitoring Assessments. PMA assesses students in Math and Reading with approximately 30 questions per subject. When students are in PMA, the student interface says "Assessment Mode."

PMA will diagnose students' skill gaps, provide differentiated intervention and continuously monitor student growth over the school year. PMA data reports will be available via the "Reports" tab once your students have completed the assessments.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Off to a Great Start

Stride is a program students can start using immediately. Three years ago, Ohatchee Elementary 2nd graders started working on Stride the same day their teachers first learned about the program.

Here, you see them in the library answering questions and enjoying the games.

As they left the library, students asked:
"Can I use this on a laptop?"
"Can I use this on my tablet?"
"Can I use this on my smartphone?"

In each case, the answer is yes. If the device will access the Internet, you can use Stride with it!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Instant Stats" Added to Stride

Last spring, Stride added "Instant Stats" for both students and teachers. It has proven to motivate students to do their best as they answer questions. The percentage goes up or down with the answer to each question. It has given teachers a great way to see how their students are doing as they monitor a group in the computer lab or classroom. 

The percentage students see takes into account questions answered correctly one the first try and questions answered correctly on the second try.

This year, teachers can view the real-time states in two ways. The default is to see the percentage of correct answers on the first attempt. Teachers can click on the "Student View" button and see the same percentage the student sees.
Instant Stats
Teachers: at the top of your Dashboard is where you will find your shiny new Realtime Stats ticker.  At a glance, you know how many students are logged in and on-task. Click on "Realtime Stats" to dig deeper.
Class Live Monitor
As you investigate further, you see a list of your enrolled students and 
  • Who is currently online/offline in Stride?
  • How long have they been working in the current session?
  • How many items have they answered?
  • How many correct?
  • When did they answer their last item, and how long have they been idle?
  • What game have they played most recently?
  • What subject are they working in?
This data is automatically refreshed every 30 seconds!
Student Session Live Monitor
Meanwhile, a new real-time ticker in the Stride student interface helps each student stay accountable and on-task! As they answer questions correctly or incorrectly, they will see their number and percentage correct automatically adjust. They can also begin to see correlation between their pace (questions per minute) and their percentage correct - discouraging them from guessing.
Be sure your teachers, staff and students are aware of these new instant progress monitoring tools, and send us some feedback on how YOU are utilizing the new Class Live Monitor in your classroom! You and your students can be featured in our next e-newsletter.

Have a wonderful week, and Stride ON!
Amy Frith, editor
Stride e-News

866.552.9192, ext. 1011

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Printing Login Sheets for Classes and Students

The first step in making Stride available to your teachers and students is to give them their login information. The school office can easily handle this task for the entire school.

  1. Log into Stride with the school's administrative password.
  2. Click the "Class Manager" tab.
  3. Click the blue "Print Logins" button in the upper-right corner. 

You have three options:

Printing a list of classes. Select "Print master class sheet." You will see a list of all of your classes with their KCC codes. If the teacher has a password, you will see the word "Registered" in that field. If the teacher has forgotten the password from the previous year, he or she can attempt to log into Stride and click the "forgot password" link.

Not having the password print on the sheet is important. Having passwords printed on a sheet which could be picked up by the wrong person would be a concern.

Printing login instructions for each teacher. "Print guide sheets for Instructors and Students." Just to the left of the blue "Print" button, choose "Class Logins" to print a sheet of instructions for the teacher. Before hitting "Print," place a checkmark beside the classes you wish to print. Checking the box at the top will select all of the classes.

Again, the password will not appear on the sheet. The best plan is for the teacher to attempt to log into the program and click the "forgot my password" link.

Printing logins for each student. "Print guide sheets for Instructors and Students." Just to the left of the blue "Print" button, choose "Student Logins" to print a sheet of instructions for each student. Before hitting "Print," place a checkmark beside the classes you wish to print. Checking the box at the top will select all of the classes.

Notice that the student password does appear on this sheet. Stress to students not to leave the sheet where others can see it.

Friday, August 11, 2017

New View in "Live Class Monitor"

Last year, Stride introduced a status bar that students see throughout each session. The student can see how many questions answered and the percentage of correct answers during that session. 

At the same time, teachers were able to click the "Realtime Stats" button at the top of the Dashboard page. The teacher sees students who have been logged on during that day, students currently logged in, time spent in the program, correct answers, etc.

Until now, the view students saw and the statistics the teacher saw often showed different percentages. Here's why:
  1. On the student view, questions answered correctly on either the first try or the second try were counted as correct.
  2. On the teacher view, only questions answered correctly on the first try were counted as correct.
This year, the teacher will have an option:

Clicking on the "?" provides this explanation:

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Progress Monitoring Assessment Dates Reminder

In the sidebar of this blog, you will see the dates for this year's Progress Monitoring Assessment. Neither you nor your students need to do anything special to take the PMA. When students log in on September 4th, they will automatically be taken to PMA.

The students do not have the finish PMA in one session. The next time they log into Stride, they will pick up where they left off. When a student finishes PMA, he or she resumes the normal questions provided by the Stride Adaptive Engine.

You may want to put the beginning dates for each PMA date on your calendar. Ideally, you should never worry about the ending date for a PMA. If your students are using the program, they will finish PMA far before the ending date.

Stride Academy Videos

This post originally two years ago. While there have been some enhancements to the program since them, this video will give you a good overview of Stride.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be worth a million. This initial post contains several videos which you can use to introduce Stride Academy.

This video from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson is 2 1/2 minutes in length. It starts with a teacher explaining the program to viewers. You then sees shots of students using the program.

This video, about 1 1/2 minutes in length, provides a brief overview of the program.


This video is a little longer (just under 5 minutes). The audience for this video would consist of teachers who are new to the program and parents of students who will using the program. The video was produces by an organization called "School on Wheels." The end of the video is specific to their school, but use a tool such as, you could end the video at the desired point and generate a URL and/or embed code.


The final video is produced by Stride Academy and is under 3 minutes in length and is intended for teachers. The strength of this video is the shots of data.


Monday, August 7, 2017

Welcome to a New School Year With Stride

I am looking forward to working with the schools in Calhoun County again this year. The past two years.

Throughout the year, this blog will serve as my vehicle for sharing with you information about Stride and celebrating the ways you and teachers like you are embracing this tool as a way to help students learn.

I'll pull some posts from the past and re-post them at well-chosen points in the year. All of us need review from time to time.

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I look forward to working with you during this school year!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Stride Quick Start Guides

In Stride, you will notice a "Help and Advice" section. The most helpful part of it is the "Customer Support Gallery." Take a moment to look in that section and get a flavor of what is available.

For those who are new to Stride,  "Quick Start Guide" is available for teachers. Another is available for administrators.

Administrator Guide Start Guide

Teacher Quick Start Guide

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How to Reset a KCC Password

Did you forget your Stride password from last year? Are you a new teacher and do not know your password? If you have an email address associated with your class, you can retrieve the information. Here's how:

Step 1: Click “I forgot my login or password.”

Step 2: Select “I forgot my class account KCC code or password.”

Step 3: Enter your email address.

NOTE: If you do not have your email address associated with your KCC code, you will receive this message. Please first contact your CLAS academic specialist to have an email address associated with our CC code. If your CLAS specialist cannot be reached, contact LTS support.

Step 4: Choose the KCC code you need to reset.

Step 5: Click “Reset Password for selected class.” You do not need to enter anything in the Enter Password field. An email will be sent to the address on file to reset the PW.

Step 6: Click the link to reset the PW, and enter the new information.