Monday, August 29, 2016

New Features in Your Dashboard

Now in your Stride
Teacher Control Panel!
Welcome to the new school year and exciting upgrades in your Stride account!  

You spoke, and we listened.  Thanks to thoughtful input from our customer-educators like you, we've delivered a fresh design to our Stride Teacher Dashboards. New pie graphs and widgetsallow you to customize data to your needs.  Here's a glimpse of the widgets you'll see today when you login
Once you are logged in, click on a portion of the pie graph to view all standards attempted.  Your students will be conveniently grouped by level of mastery.  Like this:
Stride's new dashboards are so interactive, you'll want to click on everything to see the details behind the data!  
Next up: Where are your students having the most success in Stride?  One great indicator is the portion of skill badges they're earning at enrolled grade level (or above or below):
Clicking on a slice of the pie provides deeper insights on the students who are earning (or missing) these badges.  Like these badges for Language Arts At Grade Level:
Who's performing where?  You know that your students are working at different levels in Stride – but how is their placement dispersed across the grade levels? 
Click on a pie graph to identify which students are still working their way up to grade level, and who is already on pace for that subject.  Here's what you'll see:
How are students progressing on assessment?  Don't let the testing windows pass you by. Day by day, know how many students are still working toward completion, so you can allot classroom time for PMA. 
Need help customizing the widgets for your Dashboard?  Contact Stride Support or 866.552.9192.
How will YOU use these dashboards to make classroom decisions?
Tell us about it:
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

11 New Email Subscribers. Are Your Colleagues Subscribed?

If you are seeing this post in your email, great!

When there is timely information about Stride, you won't be left out. In the last few days, 11 additional teachers signed up for these email updates.

But what about the many teachers who haven't signed up for these updates? You could help them out. Ask your colleagues if they got this blog post in their email.

If they say "no," ask them to go to In the sidebar, they will see a spot to add their email address.