Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stride Academy E-News



March 2015
Alabama students continue to shine with outstanding usage of Stride Academy! Thank you for sending in your highlights this month! We look forward to hearing about your Spring Break contests and incentives! 

A Fast Stride to Excellence 

Students at Bush Hills Academy in Birmingham, AL, are doing outstanding work in Stride Academy! Each month, teachers host a contest with the top ten students winning special prizes and receiving a "shout-out" over the school intercom. 

"We are so excited that our teachers, students, and parents are on a fast stride to excellence!" - Judy Ross, Principal, Bush Hills Academy

Celebrating Achievements at Lincoln Elementary

Lincoln Elementary School in Lincoln, AL, displays Stride Academy achievements in the hallway of the school. Each winner receives a certificate for their "Leadership Notebook." 
1st place winner for the Reindeer Ruckus Holiday Challenge wasFeliza Z. with over 2,400,000 Star Points, followed by Tatyanna O.,Hunter J.Brendan B., and Olivia C. Olivia C. took home 1st place in the Winter Blitz Challenge, totaling over 218,000 Star Points.Makealei D., Tatyanna O.Samantha H., and Feliza Z. were also among the Top 5 Winners for this contest. Congratulations! 

Stride Academy Super Stars

Totaling over 50,000,000 Star Points, these students from Lyeffion Junior High School in Evergreen, AL, have proven to be Super Stars in their class! Way to go! 

The Race Continues at Forest Oaks Elementary

Students are making great progress in the "Stride-A-Thon" at Forest Oaks Elementary School in Chelsea, AL. Students have answered over 600,000 questionswith 38% after-school usage! Keep up the great work! 

Hoedown Showdown at Kitty Stone Elementary

The Holiday Hoedown Contest at Kitty Stone Elementary School in Jacksonville, AL, was a huge success!Assistant Principal Rhonda Tinker appreciated how easy it was to set up school-wide contests and loved awarding students for their achievements! 
Noah W., winner in Mrs. Parker's4th grade class
Elijah J., winner in Mrs.Gardner's Kindergarten class
Jacob Roberts, 2nd grade winner in Mrs.Johnson's class; Charles Jackson, 2nd grade winner in Mrs. Spears' class; Kolby Boyd, 3rd grade winner in Mrs. Harvey's class; IsabelleHerbert, 6th grade winner in Mrs. Guyton'sclass; Sophie Bivins, 3rd grade winner in Mrs.Wilson's class​
Kerrie S. and Gabriel T., 1st grade winners in Mrs. Henderson's class; Caden J.and Dawson C., 4th grade winners in Mrs.McGowan's class;  Jaden W., 5th Grade winner in Mrs. Ryan's class

Instant Video Streaming Available Now! 

Don't forget to check out the NEW Search and Play Video Library available on the Teacher Control Panel. Share your fresh ideas on how you are using this video library in your classroom by emailing Cate

Are You Ready for ACT Aspire? 

ACT Aspire is right around the corner. We hope you've found Stride Academy helpful in preparing students to become familiar with the Technology-Enhanced Item Types and skills they will see on the tests. We would love to hear how you've used Stride Academy in your test preparation efforts. Tell us how you used PMAs, Quiz Builder or other resources in Stride Academy to prepare for ACT Aspire, and we will feature you in our blog

Share Your Story

Do you have a Stride Academy story to share? We want to hear it! Please email your school highlights to Cate Powell, Customer Experience Specialist, at to be featured in next month's e-news. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Welcome Updates to Stride Academy (Part 4)

This post is the final one in a four-part series on the enhancements to Stride Academy. It related to additional controls you have over student access to games.

To this point, you have been able to turn games (as a whole) on/off for an individual student or an entire class. That ability has now become more granular.

Deactivate Game Selections 
Easily deactivate the game selections that you do not want students to access. Where to find it: Settings Tab in the Teacher Control Panel.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Welcome Updates to Stride Academy (Part 3)

Welcome Updates to Stride Academy

This post is the third in a four-part series on enhancements to Stride Academy. Today's post has to do with enhancements to the Quiz Builder
If you have not used the Quiz Builder, this enhancement will not mean anything, If you have numerous quizzes and are already thinking about re-using quizzes next year, or giving the same quiz as a pre-test/post-test, this enhancement will mean a great deal.
If you have not used the Quiz Builder, stop here.
For those who have used the Quiz Builder, start by opening this document . Then, log into Stride Academy and go to the Quiz Builder. You will see how you can organize your quizzes into folders and how you can "clone" a quiz for later use. 

Quiz Builder Enhancements
Stay organized with NEW Folders and Filters. Create distinct folders for subject areas, unit or lesson plans, or bonus work. Applying new filters and sorting capabilities allows you to work more efficiently. Where to find it: "Quiz Builder" tab in the Teacher Control Panel.

Clone quizzes for pre- and post-testing and compare results at-a-glance with the NEW Clone and Compare functions. Where to find it: "Quiz Builder" tab in the Teacher Control Panel.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Welcome Updates to Stride Academy (Part 2)

Welcome Updates
to Stride Academy (Part 2)

This post is the second in a four-part series on enhancement to Stride Academy.
During the year, the biggest misunderstanding has been with the use of the Curriculum tab. This enhancement allows you to jump back and forth between the Curriculum tab and a picture of what the student desktop will look like as you make those changes, Of the three enhancements, this is the one I see making the most immediate impact.

First, open this short set of instructions.
Second, log into Stride Academy so that you can follow along with the instructions. (Without actually working through it, the instructions will make no sense.)

As you mouse around the student desktop, you may well stumble upon capabilities you did not know existed.

Managing Class Settings
Take away the guesswork from managing your class settings. Try the NEW Settings Wizard to make visual connections between the actions you take within your Teacher Control Panel, and what your students will see on their end as a result. Where to find it: "Settings" tab in the Teacher Control Panel.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Welcome Updates to Stride Academy (Part 1)

Welcome Updates to Stride Academy

This post is the first in series of four outlining new enhancements in Stride Academy.
This post highlights the NEW Search & Play Video Library.
Search and play video lessons instantly on your whiteboard or classroom monitor. Create a playlist for your class or a small group. Where to find it: "Videos" tab in the Teacher Control Panel.
To understand the feature, first, click to open the short set of instructions.
Second, log into Stride Academy and work through the sheet.

This enhancement has to do with a short set of videos that you will be able to view and then saves the ones you want to use in your own library.

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