Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Instant Stats" Added to Stride

Last spring, Stride added "Instant Stats" for both students and teachers. It has proven to motivate students to do their best as they answer questions. The percentage goes up or down with the answer to each question. It has given teachers a great way to see how their students are doing as they monitor a group in the computer lab or classroom. 

The percentage students see takes into account questions answered correctly one the first try and questions answered correctly on the second try.

This year, teachers can view the real-time states in two ways. The default is to see the percentage of correct answers on the first attempt. Teachers can click on the "Student View" button and see the same percentage the student sees.
Instant Stats
Teachers: at the top of your Dashboard is where you will find your shiny new Realtime Stats ticker.  At a glance, you know how many students are logged in and on-task. Click on "Realtime Stats" to dig deeper.
Class Live Monitor
As you investigate further, you see a list of your enrolled students and 
  • Who is currently online/offline in Stride?
  • How long have they been working in the current session?
  • How many items have they answered?
  • How many correct?
  • When did they answer their last item, and how long have they been idle?
  • What game have they played most recently?
  • What subject are they working in?
This data is automatically refreshed every 30 seconds!
Student Session Live Monitor
Meanwhile, a new real-time ticker in the Stride student interface helps each student stay accountable and on-task! As they answer questions correctly or incorrectly, they will see their number and percentage correct automatically adjust. They can also begin to see correlation between their pace (questions per minute) and their percentage correct - discouraging them from guessing.
Be sure your teachers, staff and students are aware of these new instant progress monitoring tools, and send us some feedback on how YOU are utilizing the new Class Live Monitor in your classroom! You and your students can be featured in our next e-newsletter.

Have a wonderful week, and Stride ON!
Amy Frith, editor
Stride e-News


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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Printing Login Sheets for Classes and Students

The first step in making Stride available to your teachers and students is to give them their login information. The school office can easily handle this task for the entire school.

  1. Log into Stride with the school's administrative password.
  2. Click the "Class Manager" tab.
  3. Click the blue "Print Logins" button in the upper-right corner. 

You have three options:

Printing a list of classes. Select "Print master class sheet." You will see a list of all of your classes with their KCC codes. If the teacher has a password, you will see the word "Registered" in that field. If the teacher has forgotten the password from the previous year, he or she can attempt to log into Stride and click the "forgot password" link.

Not having the password print on the sheet is important. Having passwords printed on a sheet which could be picked up by the wrong person would be a concern.

Printing login instructions for each teacher. "Print guide sheets for Instructors and Students." Just to the left of the blue "Print" button, choose "Class Logins" to print a sheet of instructions for the teacher. Before hitting "Print," place a checkmark beside the classes you wish to print. Checking the box at the top will select all of the classes.

Again, the password will not appear on the sheet. The best plan is for the teacher to attempt to log into the program and click the "forgot my password" link.

Printing logins for each student. "Print guide sheets for Instructors and Students." Just to the left of the blue "Print" button, choose "Student Logins" to print a sheet of instructions for each student. Before hitting "Print," place a checkmark beside the classes you wish to print. Checking the box at the top will select all of the classes.

Notice that the student password does appear on this sheet. Stress to students not to leave the sheet where others can see it.

Friday, August 11, 2017

New View in "Live Class Monitor"

Last year, Stride introduced a status bar that students see throughout each session. The student can see how many questions answered and the percentage of correct answers during that session. 

At the same time, teachers were able to click the "Realtime Stats" button at the top of the Dashboard page. The teacher sees students who have been logged on during that day, students currently logged in, time spent in the program, correct answers, etc.

Until now, the view students saw and the statistics the teacher saw often showed different percentages. Here's why:
  1. On the student view, questions answered correctly on either the first try or the second try were counted as correct.
  2. On the teacher view, only questions answered correctly on the first try were counted as correct.
This year, the teacher will have an option:

Clicking on the "?" provides this explanation:

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Progress Monitoring Assessment Dates Reminder

In the sidebar of this blog, you will see the dates for this year's Progress Monitoring Assessment. Neither you nor your students need to do anything special to take the PMA. When students log in on September 4th, they will automatically be taken to PMA.

The students do not have the finish PMA in one session. The next time they log into Stride, they will pick up where they left off. When a student finishes PMA, he or she resumes the normal questions provided by the Stride Adaptive Engine.

You may want to put the beginning dates for each PMA date on your calendar. Ideally, you should never worry about the ending date for a PMA. If your students are using the program, they will finish PMA far before the ending date.

Stride Academy Videos

This post originally two years ago. While there have been some enhancements to the program since them, this video will give you a good overview of Stride.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be worth a million. This initial post contains several videos which you can use to introduce Stride Academy.

This video from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson is 2 1/2 minutes in length. It starts with a teacher explaining the program to viewers. You then sees shots of students using the program.

This video, about 1 1/2 minutes in length, provides a brief overview of the program.


This video is a little longer (just under 5 minutes). The audience for this video would consist of teachers who are new to the program and parents of students who will using the program. The video was produces by an organization called "School on Wheels." The end of the video is specific to their school, but use a tool such as Tubechop.com, you could end the video at the desired point and generate a URL and/or embed code.


The final video is produced by Stride Academy and is under 3 minutes in length and is intended for teachers. The strength of this video is the shots of data.


Monday, August 7, 2017

Welcome to a New School Year With Stride

I am looking forward to working with the schools in Calhoun County again this year. The past two years.

Throughout the year, this blog will serve as my vehicle for sharing with you information about Stride and celebrating the ways you and teachers like you are embracing this tool as a way to help students learn.

I'll pull some posts from the past and re-post them at well-chosen points in the year. All of us need review from time to time.

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I look forward to working with you during this school year!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Stride Quick Start Guides

In Stride, you will notice a "Help and Advice" section. The most helpful part of it is the "Customer Support Gallery." Take a moment to look in that section and get a flavor of what is available.

For those who are new to Stride,  "Quick Start Guide" is available for teachers. Another is available for administrators.

Administrator Guide Start Guide

Teacher Quick Start Guide