Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Happy Holidays from Alabama Stride

Good "Stride-ings" to You this Holiday Season!

We are quickly approaching the glorious holiday season and a much-anticipated winter break for students and educators. Hooray! 

We want to remind you that Stride will continue to be available to your students over the holidays to help keep skills sharp through engaging, game-based learning.
  • Students may use their login codes to access Stride online, 24/7, from any internet connection. 
  • Now is the perfect time to create a Holiday Contest, so students can compete over the break. Need a refresher on creating contests? Click here.
  • Send us your Holiday Contest ideas, so we can feature your students and staff in an upcoming newsletter!

Iola Roberts Elementary Presents "Zero Period" for RTI

Iola Roberts Elementary in Pell City, AL, has designed a new approach to Response to Intervention that incorporates Stride's video lessons, customized printable resources, and quizzes.
Cheryl Black, a third grade teacher, tells us: “Zero Period” is a program in the mornings where students can work on concepts that have not yet been mastered. This is time set aside three days a week to assist students who are struggling or need individual attention. "
Whole Group and Individualized Instruction 
Cheryl uses Class Summary Reports and her Stride teacher dashboard to identify which concepts should be addressed in a whole-group mini lesson, and which ones should be assigned individually.
"If I notice that multiple students are struggling with patterns, I can click on the videos taband search this topic to bring up all related videos on the subject. By skimming the list, I can see which topic supports the standards I am focusing on." 

Cheryl Black uses Stride video lessons on the whiteboard for whole-group instruction.
Rewarding Hard Work with Fun
The printable instructional resources that are tailored for each student are another tool for Zero Period. Cheryl believes the detailed lessons and examples provided are useful for teachers, students, and parents alike. 
"Additionally, I can use StrideXChange to assign videos and quizzes to individual students on concepts that I have identified on their customized report as weak areas. I like having the option to require the student to review these items before proceeding to other work in Stride. This provides students with the opportunity to earn additional coins for games and rewards them for participating in Zero Period."  Below: Third graders work hard in Stride.
"I have found the more I use Stride, the more I learn about what the program has to offer our students," says Cheryl. "The teachers and students at Iola appreciate the support we receive from Stride to ensure that our students meet grade level expectations at the end of each year."  
Thank you to Cheryl Black, Iola Roberts Elementary, and CLAS Academic Specialist Rhonda Lewis, for sharing your story!  
Do you have a Stride success story or implementation design to share?
We would love the opportunity to highlight your students and staff in a future newsletter. 
Contact Amy Frith
 at afrith@fueleducation.com
Happy Holidays from the Stride and Fuel Education team!
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Monday, November 20, 2017

What Do Games Have To Do With Standards-Based Math Practice

Can games improve learning math and attitude towards math? This infographic gives some insight.

How Game-based Learning Can Support Strong Mathematical Practices Infographic
Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

Friday, November 17, 2017

How to Change the Stride Curriculum

You can change the curriculum for the entire class or an individual student. By default, all students receive Stride 360 Adaptive Engine. You may want to change the curriculum to work on only specific skills. Special education teachers especially like this feature. A student who is performing significantly below grade level can be assigned specific skills even if those skills are from a lower grade level.

As you approach the spring high-stakes test, you may want to change the curriculum to the middle setting--Begin and remain at the class grade level.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Stride Science Curriculum Update

Stride Science Curriculum Update
Stride will be implementing updates to our Science curriculum for Alabama in grades 3-8.  All Science curriculum will now be directly aligned to the Alabama Science Standards, including newly added skills. This means more relevant content to better support our students. 
Please see below for a full explanation of these updates:
  • For these updates to take effect, the students’ current Science progress will be cleared.  They will then start over with the updated curriculum.  
  • For the students to have maximum grade level exposure, Science will not be a part of the adaptive engine. 
  • In lieu of the Progress Monitoring Assessment, teachers will be able to take advantage ofStride’s Quiz Builder feature to create Science assessments for their students.
We are very excited about these improvements in our Science curriculum for Alabama and look forward to continuing to support our educators and students. Contact Stride Customer Support at 866.552.9192, ext. 2, or support@LTSed.com.

Note: Stride Science will be temporarily unavailable from November 17th - November 22nd as we implement these updates. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Operating Contests During Holidays

You have the ability to set up a "contest" at any time. The reason the topic surfaces now is the opportunity to motivate student participation in Stride during extended holidays.

I found a video which explains how to do it, and does so in less than 3 minutes.

Contest winners are determined by the number of "Star Points" earned during the contest.

So what's the difference between "Coins" and "Star Points"? Glad you asked.

"Star Points" are earned when the students play the games. The better they perform on the games, the more Star Points they earn. "Coins" are earned as they answer questions.

A contest can be established at the school level, or a teacher can schedule one for his/her KCC. As with many things, there are upsides and downsides. Will students have parents or older siblings answer questions for them in order to earn coins? Will they have others play the games for them to earn Star Points? How could you present a contest in a way that would minimize the motivation to try to "beat the system"? Good questions!

If you decide to run a contest, remember that what you are doing is something LTS sees as being newsworthy, so by all means seize the opportunity for some publicity for your school. That type of publicity also plays well for the state as a whole when it comes time to renew the grant. You can always send this type of information to me.

Friday, November 10, 2017

A Little Thing But a Big Thing (for administrators and other school contacts)

Probably the biggest issue we face at the beginning of each year is being sure the correct boxes are checked on the "Curriculum" tab for each class. If a class is self-contained, checking the box for each subject is the answer.

When students change classes and may have one KCC for math, another for reading, a third for science, etc., it becomes important to check only the box for that subject.

Invariably, we run into situation where too many subjects have been checked. We see situations like students winding up taking both math and reading PMA in the KCC for their math class. The reports become less meaningful.

The only way to be sure each class had the right boxes checked was to go class-by-class and look at the Curriculum tab. Lots of mouse clicks, especially when trying to keep up with all classes in the county.

A new field

If you have administrative access, starting now, you will see a new field when you click the "Class Manager" tab. That field shows what subjects have been checked for each class.

Now, at the school level, looking at that one page gives you the subjects selected for every class at a glance. Many fewer mouse clicks!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

New Look for "Settings" Tab

Teachers will notice a different look when clicking the "Settings" tab.

Everything that was there before is still there, only now you don't have to scroll. Menu items now display across the top.

Remember scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page to change your password? Now, it's a click away on the "Class Info" menu.

You'll have no difficulty with the new look. However, when you are used to one look, a different appearance comes as a surprise.