Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stride Academy Newsletter

This post is a copy/paste from my email. I am posting here because I simply have no way of knowing who is getting those emails. The post from November 4 addressed this first topic. 

The post also addresses contests. Promoting the use of Stride Academy outside of school is important, and we are approaching the largest blocks of non-school time you will have all year. What follows is information about setting up contests and the ability to sign up for a short webinar on the subject. The time of the webinar is one that is going to prohibits most of you from attending. Whether or not the webinar will be recorded is something I cannot answer. Perhaps an instructional coach or administrator could attend.

Fall Writing Contest: "What Does Thanksgiving Mean to You?" 

Stride Academy is offering a chance for your students' essay to win a pizza party for their class by participating in the Fall Writing Contest. One student's paper will be selected by a panel of judges and showcased on our Stride Academy blog! Grade level writing capabilities will be taken into account as we are looking for age-appropriate originality and creativity.


  • Teachers should submit individual students' papers on the topic: "What Does Thanksgiving Mean to You?" (1 page maximum).
  • Submissions should be sent to and must include the student's first name and last initial, grade level, class name and school name. Entries must be sent by the classroom teacher to be accepted. 
  • All submissions must be received by 5:00pm CST on Friday, November 21. Late entries cannot be accepted.
  • The winning essay will be announced on Monday, November 24 and featured on all LTS social media platforms.


    • The teacher's class with the winning entry will receive a $100 Papa John's gift card for a class pizza party and will be featured on our blog.
    Engage Learners Through the Holiday Break with Holiday Contests!
    Creating a school-wide or class-wide contest is a great way to keep students engaged over the holidays. Contests track how many Star Points each student has earned in the games. Of course, to get to the games, students must correctly answer practice questions!
    • Login to Stride Academy through your Administrator or Teacher account.
    • Select Contests on the menu bar.
    • Label, date and assign your contest.
    • Select Publish to make your contest live.
    • Track students' scores at any time during the contest by selecting View Scores.
    • Students can also see their scores in real-time when they are logged in, by going to theScores menu and selecting Contests
    Stride Academy Webinar Series: "Using Stride Academy Over the Holidays
    Join us for a webinar on Thursday, November 13 at 8:30am CST to learn more about how you can use Stride Academy over the holidays. To register, click here

    Tuesday, November 4, 2014

    Stride Academy Writing Contest

    Stride Academy Writing Contest

    What Does Thanksgiving Mean to You?

    The holiday season is around the corner! Here at LTS we’re celebrating what we’re thankful for all month long. We want to hear from your students and see what they’re thankful for in our Stride Academy Writing Contest! Here’s how it works:
    1. Teachers will have their students write individual, 1-page maximum papers on the topic: “What does Thanksgiving mean to you?”
    2. Submissions must include student’s name, grade level, class name, and school name.
    3. Teachers will enter the submissions via email to
    4. All submissions are due by 5:00pm CST on Friday, November 21.
    5. One student’s paper will be chosen and showcased on the Stride Academy blog. Grade level capabilities will be taken into account.
    6. The winner will be announced on Monday, November 24!
    7. Winner will be featured on the blog and all LTS social media platforms and receive a $100 Papa Johns gift card for their class!
    Questions? Contact: Cate Powell, LTS Customer Experience Specialist, at