Monday, March 6, 2017

Check Out Stride's New Games!

Check Out Stride's New Games!
Three exciting new titles to play over Spring Break!
From coast to coast, students are itching for Spring Break. Whether they're traveling or relaxing at home, your students can enjoy three new Stride games during their time off. These games are live in your Stride account today!

Add, Subtract, React!
Our Chemist has gone a little "mad scientist" and forgotten the formulas for his solutions. He needs assistance in Basic or Advanced mathematics. Once you've mastered making mixtures, you can move on to the Multiplied level of play.
  • Genre: Math (Basic and Advanced)
  • Hero: The Chemist's assistant (you!)
  • Objectives: The Chemist is looking for a chemical with a certain number. Use the funnel to add chemicals from the passing vials to your own vial. You have three tries to successfully complete the equation.

Rocket Kitty
Following in the footsteps of his famous ancestor Félicette, the first cat in space, Rocket Kitty is ready to launch an expedition to the moon, Mars and beyond! 
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Hero: Rocket Kitty
  • Objectives: Answer questions correctly in Stride to launch. Collect the stars to boost your journey. Avoid the enemies as you loop and dive through the obstacles!

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