Monday, October 31, 2016

Stride Alabama e-News

Fall is in
the air
October 2016Fall is in the air, and Stride Spirit is spreading across Alabama!  You've been busy with onboarding students to the program and jumping right in to fabulous Fall contest ideas!  We'd like to share a few examples to show fellow Stride users how "Toucan Be a Stride Leader Too!"  Use Stride Contests to get your students all the way through their assigned work from PMA Form 1, in preparation for PMA Form 2, which begins Nov. 7
B.B. Comer Memorial Elementary (Talladega County)

We love B.B. Comer Memorial Elementary School's display, which features Star Point Winners on the left, Skill Badge Winners in the middle, and Stride Millionaires (coin leaders) on the right!  Top students earn their names on the bright yellow patches adorning the toucans.  Stride offers so many ways to celebrate wins!
Alexandria Elementary (Calhoun County)
At Alexandria Elementary, the daily schedule includes what they call "Champion Time" in Stride.  For contests, each grade level focuses on a specific standard selected bi-weekly by the teachers. They use Quiz Builder to assess mastery of that standard at the end of the two weeks, and results are displayed on grade-level bulletin boards like the ones below for Stride Reading and Stride Math in Grades 3 and 5. 

Each orange paw print represents a student who scored at least 80% on the standard, or bettered his/her score  by at least 20 points from the last assessment.  Nice work, Alexandria students!  Pictured above, Assistant Principals Caryn Waugh and Jeremy Wallace enjoy helping a proud student staple her paw in place.
Crossville High School (Dekalb County)
CLAS Academic Specialist Carolyn Creighton visited Crossville HS recently and observed as students logged in to Stride to work on English I and Algebra I curriculum.  "The students were so excited to be able to use Stride -- especially those who can now use it at home," Carolyn reported. Crossville HS has been a long-time user of Stride, and now the school has a new laptop cart, making Stride more accessible to additional users!  Keep working hard, CHS!
Students Stride Along Even During Fall Break!
CLAS Academic Specialist Stephen Swann shared this picture of his grandchildren, Madison and Ethan Foster, who recently visited with him over the Fall Break. "My wife and I took them to the beach for a few days, and they asked to do Stride every morning before we took them to play in the waves and sand!  Mary Long (CLAS Academic Specialist) and their teachers at Madison Elementary (Madison City) have them very enthusiastic about the program," Stephen shares.  Dedicated Stride students take their learning fun with them wherever they go!
Do you have a Stride Contest idea or Success Story to share? Let us highlight you in an upcoming newsletter! 

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Correction on PMA Start Date--November 7 is the Correct Date

The last post had one PMA start date in the title of the post but a different date in the body of the post.

November 7 is the correct start date for the next PMA. (The title was right but what was in the body was wrong.)

Thanks to Melissa Hampton for catching the discrepancy!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

PMA Starts November 7

If you teach students in the K-8 range, the second Progress Monitoring Assessment begins November 7. When students log in, they automatically begin PMA questions just by clicking on the big coin. Each subject area requires around 30-45 minutes.

Don't worry if a student does not finish in one sitting. When the student logs in next time, PMA questions resume. Another good feature is that when students go home, PMA pauses. Students may use Stride Academy, but they receive the regular Stride Adaptive Engine questions. That way, students are under your supervision during PMA.

Your help is needed to be sure all students complete PMA by December 2.

Monday, October 24, 2016

PMA 1 is Over. What Can I Do With the Data?

Some classes finished the first Progress Monitoring Assessment of the year. Others have been finished quite a while. The important thing is to look at the data. See what the data the saying about how effective instruction has been. Use the results to motivate students.

Here are some concrete things you can do:

  1. Run the Class PMA Report (for teachers) and School PMA Report (for administrators).
  2. Look at the standards which have been taught but were weak. How will you reteach those standards so that students master them? Are there other teachers on your grade level for whom those standards were strong? What strategies are they using?
  3. Let students know their scores in the Reading and Math portions of PMA. If you want students to take the next PMA seriously, the feedback is essential. If they hear nothing about the results, they will likely think t is not important.
  4. Run the 2015-16 PMA. How do your scores for the first PMA of 2016-17 compare with the scores from last year?
  5. Discuss with students strategies for how they can do better on PMA 2. Students should be using scratch paper on the math test. Too many students try to do the work in their heads, look at the answer choices and make a guess. Be sure they are working the problems, getting an answer, and then finding which answer choice matches their computation.
  6. Have students set goals for PMA 2.
  7. Establish incentives for students who score well on a PMA or who significantly improve their score from the previous time.
  8. Set a schedule that allows you to complete PMA early in the window. Avoid dragging it out. Just because the window lasts for a month does not mean you want it to take a month. An entire class could reasonably complete PMA within a week.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

First PMA Ends Friday

The Progress Monitoring Assessment period ends Friday. For many classes, you have completed PMA quite a while ago. Your students are benefitting from the Stride Adaptive Engine and you are able to use Quiz Builder.

If your class has not completed PMA, please schedule time to finish this week.

The next Progress Monitoring Assessment begins November 7th. It's always best to tackle PMA on the front end of the window,