Friday, May 27, 2016

Stride News from Around Alabama

Alabama Stride
May 2016 News
Great Work by All Participating Schools!
As we close on another amazing school year in Alabama, we want to send you off for the summer with highlights from dedicated students and staff in the very last month of school. These are TRUE #MonumentalAchievers to the very end!

In the months to come, we hope to learn that your end-of-year results for ALL schools in Alabama are a positive reflection of the tireless hard work and dedication by teachers and students alike. And we hope Stride was instrumental in helping you achieve your student achievement goals this year! (If yes, we'd love to hear your story!)

First Grader Grayson Captures First Place in the School!
E.R. Dickson Elementary,
Mobile County
Meet Grayson Heath, a 1st Grade student at E. R. Dickson Elementary School in Mobile County. Grayson climbed to the top of the leaderboards to claim 1st Place in the entire school during their 3rd Quarter Stride Contest!
Grayson worked tirelessly in Stride to build up 1,499,205 Star Points in the Stride games! WOW! 

Something tells us Grayson will login to Stride over the summer to keep up his momentum strong, and have fun while maintaining
 and growing his skills!
These Grade Level Genuises Worked EVER so Hard!Evergreen Elementary, Conecuh County
Imagine the satisfaction after a whole year of hard work, to be named #1 in your grade level! These students have accumulated more Star Points than any other student in their respective grade levels using Stride for the 2015-16 academic year!
"Top Striders" for the year at Evergreen Elementary are shown above. From left to right: John Daniel Sexton, 2nd grade, 615,568 Star Points; Edgar Guerrero, 5th grade, 503,967 Star Points; Alexis Bell, 1st grade, 245,947 Star Points; James Likely, Kindergarten, 198,337 Star Points; Titus Northern, 4th grade, 478,056 Star Points; and Tyniyah Wills, 3rd grade, 332,952 Star Points. 
Phillips Academy Millionaires Club Accumulates 70 Million Star Points Together!
John Herbert Phillips Academy, Birmingham City Schools
Phillips Academy launched their "Millionaire's Club" program for students who have done an exceptional job maintaining academic excellence. As evidenced by their individual Star Point totals, which range from 1 million to 18 million for the school year, these students have achieved high goals working to strengthen educational weaknesses using Stride, one of the most popular resources at the school, staff say.
Phillips faculty believe that each of these students have truly become “Stride Hall of Famers," and we could not agree more! Their efforts have awarded them a coveted place in the Millionaires Club, and have established a legacy for students to follow in their footsteps for the school year ahead.
Congratulations to these 59 members of the Millionaires Club, listed below in rank from the highest number of Star Points earned. We are speechless!
  1. Ebony Williams  7th Grade  18,542,453 
  2. Morgan James  7th Grade  15,713,976 
  3. Kameron Rice  6th Grade  12,476,257 
  4. Carey Robinson  6th Grade  11,496,903 
  5. Marc Kelly  6th Grade  11,083,942
  6. Jeremiah Williams  2nd Grade  9,753,255
  7. Alaysia Mason-Lawson  3rd Grade  9,043,517
  8. Jasia Smith  6th Grade  8,753,667
  9. Nigel Cosby  4th Grade  8,449,365
  10. Ryan Reese  3rd Grade  8,321,486
  11. Parker Jenkins  6th Grade  7,300,884
  12. Charles Adams  6th Grade  6,167,160
  13. Jacob Andrews  4th Grade  5,819,676
  14. Jocelyn Acosta  7th Grade  5,325,295
  15. Bryanna Williams  7th Grade  5,228,520
  16. Quinton Reese  4th Grade  5,127,403
  17. Asia Winston  6th Grade  5,114,801
  18. Kelsey Murray  2nd Grade  5,053,029
  19. Kelby Dillard  3rd Grade  4,768,650
  20. Noah Harvill  7th Grade  4,593,637
  21. Amyah Crawford  5th Grade  4,569,428
  22. Jalen Smith  3rd Grade  4,367,304
  23. Joshua Perry  7th Grade  4,304,379
  24. Murphy Adams  3rd Grade  4,223,746
  25. Christilyn Lumzy  7th Grade  4,085,741
  26. William Holland  7th Grade  4,029,179
  27. Elizabeth Green  7th Grade  3,794,478
  28. Sydiah Ervin  7th Grade  3,420,343
  29. Markala Garrett  3rd Grade  3,415,572
  30. Tristin Newton  4th Grade  3,207,505
  31. William Murray  4th Grade  3,199,984
  32. Alyssa Moore  7th Grade  3,031,204
  33. Olivia Jones  2nd Grade  2,911,551
  34. Jarred Brundidge  2nd Grade  2,899,907
  35. Destiny Smith  3rd Grade  2,884,492
  36. Ivon Thomas  7th Grade  2,627,667
  37. Eldrion Harvell  7th Grade  2,616,444
  38. Eric Washington-Tatum  1st Grade  2,356,857
  39. Avery Biga  3rd Grade  2,167,467
  40. Kai Finch  6th Grade  2,071,616
  41. Kennedi Wagner  5th Grade  2,056,705
  42. Lily Cameron  5th Grade  2,026,256
  43. Dylan Twymon  4th Grade  1,946,165
  44. Morgan Tate  7th Grade  1,904,203
  45. Wendell Hardin  5th Grade  1,869,844
  46. Devin Ford  3rd Grade  1,776,770
  47. Kameryn Abdur-Rasheed  7th Grade  1,775,410
  48. Johniya Brown  7th Grade  1,641,777
  49. Jacobi Kent  7th Grade  1,628,413
  50. Shelbe Arrington  7th Grade  1,573,904
  51. David Jackson  7th Grade  1,573,607
  52. Kertel Barnes  3rd Grade  1,558,798
  53. Devin Bandy  7th Grade  1,528,220
  54. Jaylen Hardin  3rd Grade  1,478,993
  55. Victoria Kindall  7th Grade  1,394,343
  56. Diamond Hoyrd  7th Grade  1,333,590
  57. Quentin Edge  6th Grade  1,329,189
  58. Caleb Steward  4th Grade  1,265,393
  59. Braeden Brown  2nd Grade  1,023,317
From all of us at LTS Education Systems, thank you for an AMAZING year of learning fun!  WARM WISHES for a wonderful summer break! Stride Alabama news will resume in the Fall, but feel free to email your stories, suggestions and highlights all summer long.

Amy Frith, Editor
LTS Education Systems

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Important Summer News

Included here is information on the annual "archive." Please let your students know that coins do not roll over from year to year. Encourage them to spent their coins this summer playing games.Their same login will work all summer long.

Your school will not want to opt out of the archive.

Notice that Stride will not be available for several days: August 5-8 (Friday-Monday).

Your school system will be able to put students into their classes once that archive has been completed. This means it will likely be at least several days in to the school year before the you will have students showing in your classes. 

Schools who wish to keep this year's data intact
MUST opt out by July 29.
To better serve our customers, we are rescheduling our annual data archive for ONE WEEK LATER than originally planned. Last Friday, you received an email stating the archive would take place on July 29-Aug. 1, 2016. We have moved the archive to Aug. 5-8, 2016
If you have already completed your opt-out request, no further action is needed on your part. You are successfully opted out of the archive. Please make note of the amended dates in your calendar, as Stride will be unavailable during Aug. 5-8, 2016. If you have NOT completed your opt-out request and wish to do so, continue reading for instructions.
Our annual data archive has been scheduled for this summer. Effective July 29, we plan to archive your Stride data from the 2015-16 school year, providing a clean slate in your account for the fall. We perform this archive annually for many reasons.
Why archive your student data? Here are a few benefits of archiving:
  1. Accurate Stride assessments for the 2016-17 school year – will NOT
    include data from the previous year.
  2. Accurate Stride reports for the 2016-17 school year – will NOT
    include data from the previous year.
  3. Once data is safely archived, you can still add and remove students
    from your Stride classes in the Fall, using the Archive Tool.
  4. Your class login codes and passwords will remain the same.  
  5. We will host weekly webinars in August to show you how to move students
    to the next grade or class. 
  6. Archiving only happens once a year during the annual archive, so make the
    most of this opportunity!
When does this start? The annual archive will take place on Aug. 5
(beginning at 5 p.m. CST) and last through Aug. 8, 2016
. A message will be posted on all Stride websites letting you know that the system is unavailable during those dates.   
Want to opt out? If you would prefer to NOT take part in the annual archive and preserve your Stride data, here is some information you will need to know:
  1. The archive impacts an entire school or club, not just one class. 
  2. Only individuals with administrator level access can request to
    opt out of the archive. 
  3. The KCS Code and Password for your school or club is required
    to submit this request.
  4. You will need to click on the button below to fill out the form to
    opt out of the annual archive. 
  5. You must opt out no later than July 29, 2016 at 4:00 pm CST
  6. By opting out of the annual archive, you ensure all of your 2015-16
    classes, student rosters, assessment and student performance data
    remains untouched
Our Boys & Girls Club and YMCA customers
will NOT be included in the archive.

Rest assured that your Boys & Girls Club and YMCA Member data will remain intact. However, Stride will still be unavailable from July 31 - August 3

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Summer Use of Stride

One question often asked is, "Can students use Stride during the summer?" The answer is, "Yes." 

Students may use the program through July 31. The data will be recorded under the classes the students have been enrolled in during the 2015-16 school year. Teacher and principals will be able to run reports just as they have been during the school year.