Wednesday, July 15, 2015

You Could Still Win a $50 Gift Card

You will be hearing a lot about Captain Captivator this year. This post from the Stride blog explains all about him.

Are you taking a trip between now and July 27? If not, will you be working in your classroom or visiting a neat place in your home town? You could win a $50 gift card to

To get started, print out this picture of Captain Captivator. Take him with you to interesting places. Post a photo to Twitter that includes him and tell where you are. Include the hashtag #MonumentalAchiever. You don't have to email anything. Simply using the correct hashtag puts your photo in front of the right eyes. That's it!

Want to see what photos others have posted? Click this link. (I think it will work even if you don't have a Twitter account.)

Not on Twitter?
Speaking of not having a Twitter account, why not take 5 minutes and get started? The first step in moving from "I don't understand what Twitter is all about" to "Now I get it...and it's worth it" is to create an account. Go to

But before you do, here is my quick suggestion...decide on a username first. Go to Enter a name you would like. You can use letters, numbers, and an underscore. Do not use spaces.

You will see if the name is available not only on Twitter, but on all of the major social media networks. The best user name is...well, your name. It sort of makes it easy for other people to remember your Twitter name that way. If you can't get JoeSmith, try Joe_Smith, JoeMSmith, JSmith, JMSmith, DrJoeSmith, etc. The more common your name, the more you might have to play around with it to find something that's not already taken. is the best way I know to find a username that's going to work everywhere.

Once you have decided on your username, hop over to Twitter before someone else scoops it up and create your account. Then post pictures of your travels with Captain Captivator and include the hashtag #MonumentalAchiever. You may be the winner!

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