Thursday, August 27, 2015

Important New Login Information

You and your students will notice an important new step when you log into Stride this year. Teachers will notice an additional change.

Alabama Users Click Here

Remember how your students always saw a little link that said, "Texas users click here"? This year, they will also see a link that says "Alabama users click here."

Students will click this link before entering the KCC code. Yes, it would be logical to put the link above the login, because people work from top to bottom. Realize the link only applies to Alabama schools, so we want the rest of the country to ignore it. Hence, the link put below the login.

What happens if the students doesn't click the Alabama link and enters the KCC code instead? The figure below shows the message they will receive.

The reason for this change has to do with the large number of Alabama users, and is designed 

New URL for Teachers and Administrators

Please use to log into Stride. This change is made because of the high number of Alabama users and to prevent problems when large number so of users across the country are logging in at the same time. 

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