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Stride Academy Alabama e-News: February 2015

We are always astounded by the fresh new ideas our teachers and administrators come up with for Stride Academy contests and incentives. In honor of Valentine's Day, here are some of our all-time favorites, if you're looking to sweeten your students' experience with Stride Academy!

10 Contest Ideas We LOVE

  1. News Anchor for a Day - Award your top scorers with the privilege of reading the morning announcements, whether over the intercom or video announcements.
  2. Coin Master - See how many coins your students can earn on Stride Academy before cashing them in for gameplay. Honor the top coin earner by announcing the winner as the Coin Master.
  3. Snowball Fight! - Yes, you read that right! One Stride Academy school in Texas is staging a fake snow-ball fight for the top users in the school from January to February.
  4. Wall of Fame - Highlight your students' Stride Academy milestones by creating a Wall of Fame with each week's high scorers. 
  5. Student Aide for a Day - Allow your top earners the chance to assist a class as the teacher's aide for the day.
  6. Stride-A-Thon - Showcase your classes' growth over the course of the school year with weekly incentives and visual growth charts. Celebrate the class with the most usage at the end of the school year with a pizza party!  
  7. We've Got Spirit - Award top class winners with a spirit stick and celebrate their victory with a popcorn party.
  8. Stride Academy Royalty - Award the "King and Queen of Answers" to the students who have the highest number of correctly answered questions in Stride Academy. 
  9. 1 Million Star Points Club - Each quarter, recognize students who have achieved 1 million Star points at an Honors Assembly. 
  10. Pizza with the Principal - Recognize the top boy and girl student with the most usage from each grade with a pizza party with the principal. 
We want to hear from you! Share with us your Valentines' contest to be featured in the next Stride Academy e-news issue by emailing Cate Powell, at cpowell@ltsed.com

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Nowling pictured with MLK,Jr. contest winners, Madisen W. and Sara H.

Pictured above are students who exceeded 50,000 Star points during the MLK, Jr. Contest.

Teachers Go Above and Beyond

Sixth grade teachers, Mrs. Nowling and Mrs. Smith atNew Brockton Elementary School in New Brockton, AL, have pushed themselves to go above and beyond their daily responsibilities to encourage student participation in Stride Academy contests. Their hardwork has paid off as students earned over 12 million Star Points during the MLK, Jr. Holiday Contest! The winners of this contest, Sara H. with over 6 million Star points and Madisen W. with over 1 million Star points, were awarded the opportunity to be a Kindergarten aide for a half-day. Along with these winners, 24 students earned over 50,000 Star pointsduring the contest! Congratulations to you all on this great achievement! 

Contests Spark Students' Enthusiasm for Stride Academy

North Highland Elementary School in Hueytown, AL hosted a Stride Academy contest over the holidays to encourage learning outside of school. Students were eager to participate in order to claim the prize. With over 3 million Star points, 5th grader Emma M. was awarded 1st place in the holiday contest with Camden M.capturing 2nd place with over 1 million Star points. Overall grade winners includedKennedy W. in 4th grade, Tala W. in 3rd grade, Chenel B. in 2nd grade, Cooper M.in 1st grade and Caleb G. in Kindergarten. 

Striding to the Finish Line

Students at Forest Oaks Elementary School in Chelsea, AL started the year off with a bang! Educators are seeing an increase in student usage by tracking the number of questions answered in each class from January to April. 

Loving Lab Time

Students at Alexandria Elementary School in Alexandria, AL enjoy logging on to Stride Academy during lab time! 

Reminder: PMA Form 4 Available Feb. 15th 

Our 4th and FINAL Progress Monitoring Assessment will be available Feb. 15th - Apr. 4thMake plans to add this online assessment to your Spring test prep efforts! 
Questions? Contact: Cate Powell ♥ Customer Experience Specialist  
866.552.9192, ext. 1025 ♥ Email: cpowell@ltsed.com  

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