Thursday, January 29, 2015

Scenes from Pleasant Valley Elementary

Recognizing student accomplishment is a key to motivating future accomplishment. These two photos show how teachers at Pleasant Valley are doing just that.

And one more photo, this one showing students enjoying Stride Academy in the computer lab:

Students enjoying working on Stride Academy

Keeping Students on Tasks
We know that to keep students on task, we have to monitor what they are doing. When students know we are paying attention to what they are doing, evaluating their efforts, and presenting them with higher standards than they might settle for themselves, performance improves.

During my last visit to the school, Brad Hood shared a practice he uses. While students are working independently on Stride Academy, he runs the Class Summary Report. The trick is to set both the start and end dates to the current date. During the class, he refreshes that report to see the percent of correct answers students are getting, all on one screen. Instant feedback means instant correction.

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