Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Using Data to Recognize Students

These students are in Casey Lee's second-grade class at Alexandria Elementary School. Every week, Mrs. Lee names a "King of Answers" and a "Queen of Answers" for the boy and girl with the highest number of correct answers for that week. To gather this information, she runs the "Stride Growth Report" and sets the later date range to the dates of the previous week.

Mrs. Lee also names a "Master of Coins." Using the "Rewards" menu, she clicks the "Print" button and produces a report showing coins earned for each student.

This example shows how teachers can use data to motivate student use of Stride Academy. The more they use the program, the better the data gets.

How are you using data to motivate students in your classroom? Leave a comment or email me. We want to spotlight the success you and students are having.

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