Friday, September 30, 2016

Stride Homecoming Queen and King

Call for Nominations: 2016 Stride Homecoming Queen and King!
Our second annual Stride Homecoming Week is coming up Oct. 17-21, and we have lots of fun in store! Immediately, we are accepting nominations for Stride Homecoming Queen and King from our dedicated Stride educators like you! 
Who has the ultimate Stride Spirit??
We are looking for the educator or staff member at your school/organization who has the ULTIMATE STRIDE SPIRIT! Click on the button below to read more about nominating a colleague for Homecoming Queen/King:
Submit Your Nomination Here by Oct. 7!

Plan Now to Join Us for Homecoming Dress-Up Days!
Spread the word among your staff and students to participate in our Dress-Up Days all week long during Homecoming. Share pictures on social media, and be featured in upcoming issues of our Stride e-newsletter! 
Print this flyer to display on your bulletin board or send home with students: DOWNLOAD FLYER
Stay tuned for more Homecoming news! We look forward to celebrating with you!
Questions? Contact Amy Frith, Stride e-News Editor:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stride Alabama e-News

A September to Remember in Alabama Stride Schools!
Greetings, Stride educators!  As September comes to a close, we'd like to congratulate you on an exceptional start back to school! 
Statewide usage to-date* shows AL students taking off with Stride!
  • 100,260 AL students are enrolled in Stride.
  • Together, they've answered 16 million questions directly aligned to AL College- and Career-Ready Standards.
  • 9% of work in Stride is happening after school hours!
These are unprecedented numbers in the history of AL schools using Stride. How many more students will you enroll in October? *usage to-date reflects 8/1 to 9/26/16.
Are your students Monumental Achievers? Jump over to the Stride Support Gallery (password STRIDEON) to download these "All About Me" coloring pages. Help your students define their #StrideGoals and give them a brain break to exercise their creativity! 
Share the fun on our LTS social media channels with hashtags #MonumentalAchiever #StrideGoals!

Aoooooo! What prizes are popular with your students?
Tools for Success
1. Earlier this month, we released the brand-new Stride Shop as an added incentive for your students to perform well in Stride. 
How are YOU utilizing the Stride Shop?
  • What prizes are most popular with your students?
  • How are you accumulating prize donations?
  • How will you put a fun Fall spin on the Stride Shop, with Halloween approaching?
Send us your highlights, ideas and pictures, so we can feature you in our October e-news!
2. Remember, PMA Form 1 is now underway, through Oct. 14.This is the first of four, parallel formative assessments to assist you with skills diagnosis and targeted instruction early in the academic year.  If you have students who are not currently enrolled in Stride, be sure to add them as soon as possible, so they have access to this first test form.
Share Your Stride Stories and be Featured Next Month!

Email Amy Frith, Editor:

Thank you for using Stride!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

StrideXchange is Here!

"StrideXchange" is the newest menu item.  We are so excited to share this feature with you that will allow you to share content directly with your students and interact with them in a whole new way in Stride.

What is StrideXchange?

StrideXchange is a new way to curate valuable instructional resources created by yourself and other educators in your school or district.  StrideXchange allows you to share resources between teachers and deliver them to students directly via the Stride online learning system.

How do I use StrideXchange?

StrideXchange is fully integrated with your existing Stride account.  To get started, gather up your best instructional resources (PDFs, videos, images, and more), then visit the “StrideXchange” tab within your Stride teacher, admin, or district login.

What can I share with my students?

Using StrideXchange, you can share PDFs, videos, images, and other files, like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents.  These files will be sent directly to your students’ StrideXchange inboxes for immediate view.  You can also view stats on when your students viewed the content.
You can also create Custom Learning Modules (CLM) for your students.  CLMs allow you to create custom questions for your students to answer or custom slide shows that your students can view on their Stride account.
You can access a StrideXchange instructional guide within the Customer Support Gallery.  
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Friday, September 16, 2016

No PMA for Science

As your students progress through PMA, you will notice that they are not receiving Science questions. Stride is in the process of examining the alignment between its Science curriculum and Alabama standards. During this process, there will be no Science PMA.

If you are an administrator, here is what you will see on the "Assessments" tab.

Notice that all of the selections are "grayed-out." You are not able to make any changes from the school level. You cannot turn off PMA. Furthermore, you cannot turn on PMA for Science even if you want to.

While we are talking about subjects...

Now is a good time for every teacher to look at the Curriculum tab to be sure everything is set correctly.

  • Which subjects should students work on in your class? Be sure those subjects are checked. Are your students finding they are missing a coin for a subject when they log into Stride?  The culprit will be what is checked on the Curriculum tab.
  • Do you have the "F.A.S.T. 360 Adaptive Engine" checked? That's going to be the place you generally want your students to be.
  • Do you have a student with some special needs? In the "I want to change the curriculum for" section, bullet "This individual student" and choose the student from the drop-down list. Now, you can check the appropriate subjects for that student. If you only want the student to work on certain standards, bullet "Include only the specific skill areas that I choose." Click "Choose Skills" and start to drill down to the skills you want that student to have. Don't forget to return to this spot and change those skills at the appropriate time.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Instant Stats" Added to Stride

Last spring, Stride added "Instant Stats" for both students and teachers. It has proven to motivate students to do their best as they answer questions. The percentage goes up or down with the answer to each question. It has given teachers a great way to see how their students are doing as they monitor a group in the computer lab or classroom. 

Instant Stats
Teachers: at the top of your Dashboard is where you will find your shiny new Realtime Stats ticker.  At a glance, you know how many students are logged in and on-task. Click on "Realtime Stats" to dig deeper.
Class Live Monitor
As you investigate further, you see a list of your enrolled students and 
  • Who is currently online/offline in Stride?
  • How long have they been working in the current session?
  • How many items have they answered?
  • How many correct?
  • When did they answer their last item, and how long have they been idle?
  • What game have they played most recently?
  • What subject are they working in?
This data is automatically refreshed every 30 seconds!
Student Session Live Monitor
Meanwhile, a new real-time ticker in the Stride student interface helps each student stay accountable and on-task! As they answer questions correctly or incorrectly, they will see their number and percentage correct automatically adjust. They can also begin to see correlation between their pace (questions per minute) and their percentage correct - discouraging them from guessing.
Be sure your teachers, staff and students are aware of these new instant progress monitoring tools, and send us some feedback on how YOU are utilizing the new Class Live Monitor in your classroom! You and your students can be featured in our next e-newsletter.

Have a wonderful week, and Stride ON!
Amy Frith, editor
Stride e-News

866.552.9192, ext. 1011

Monday, September 12, 2016

Progress Monitoring Is Up and Going

If you teach students in the K-8 range, the Progress Monitoring Assessment has begun. When students log in, they automatically begin PMA questions just by clicking on the big coin. Each subject area requires around 30-45 minutes.

Don't worry if a student does not finish in one sitting. When the student logs in next time, PMA questions resume. Another good feature is that when students go home, PMA pauses. Students may use Stride Academy, but they receive the regular Stride Adaptive Engine questions. That way, students are under your supervision during PMA.

Your help is needed to be sure all students complete PMA by October 14th. You will see who has finished PMA when you log into your Stride class.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Your Picture Here

Do you have a Stride story to tell? What's working for you? What are students saying? What are parents saying?

I would like to hear your good news and share it in this space with others. You can send digital pictures and your story to me at this email address:

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Off to a Great Start

Stride is a program students can start using immediately. Two years ago, Ohatchee Elementary 2nd graders started working on Stride the same day their teachers first learned about the program.

Here, you see them in the library answering questions and enjoying the games.

As they left the library, students asked:
"Can I use this on a laptop?"
"Can I use this on my tablet?"
"Can I use this on my smartphone?"

In each case, the answer is yes. If the device will access the Internet, you can use Stride with it!