Thursday, March 16, 2017

What Are Your Success Stories?

The feedback I am getting as I visit schools is that students like Stride. That's good news, because if students like something, they will spend more time with it. You are sure to have some "success storied" to tell. "Success" can be defined in many different ways:

  • The student who understands academic concepts which were mysteries mere days ago.
  • The students who would rather work on Stride questions than watch TV, because of the engagement.
  • The parent with whom communication has been hard, but has become intrigued with Stride and the information the Parent Report provides.

We define success in different ways, but we each have stories to tell.

What are your stories? LTS, makers of Stride, is interested in hearing them. Send your thoughts, quotes from students, quotes from parents, pictures, and whatever constitutes the story you want to tell. You can send anything you wish directly to me. I will make sure the appropriate person gets them.

As a side-benefit, you can re-purpose your efforts. Take a picture and write a few lines, and you have also done all the work needed to get some newspaper coverage. While we often complain of how the media is slow to cover the good things which happen in school, those in the media say they don't know about those good things unless we tell them about it.

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