Sunday, February 19, 2017

How Do I Prevent Cheating on Quizzes?

The Quiz Builder provides an easy way to construct and grade quizzes aligned to Alabama standards. While we covered this capability during the training at each school, the Stride Academy Support Gallery (found on the "Help & Advice" tab) offers additional material. There you will find these resources:

  • How to Create a Custom Quiz Using Quiz Builder video
  • How to Share Quizzes with Other Teachers in Quiz Builder video
  • Custom Quiz Builder Quick Start Guide for Teachers and Administrators

Questions will soon occur to the experienced teacher:

  • What if the student does not finish in class? What keeps that student from finishing the quiz later, outside of class or at home, possibly with the help of other people?
  • What if a student stays home from school and knows a quiz is being given? What will keep the student from logging in from home and taking the quiz?
  • If the same quiz is being given to multiple classes, what is to keep a student who will be taking the quiz 6th period from logging in from somewhere else in the school 2nd period and answering the questions with the help of the textbook or friends?

Presently, Stride Academy has no control to limit quiz taking to only school hours. Even if this capability was in place, it would not address all of the scenarios above. So, what is the teacher to do to prevent cheating on the Quiz Builder quizzes?

To answer the question, let's look at what we do in the pencil and paper world...We pass out to the test to the students when it is time to take the test. If a student is absent, we don't "pass out the test" to that student. If a student will be in our class 6th period, we don't "pass out the test" to that student 1st period.

The digital parallel to "passing out the test" is assigning the test.

When you create a quiz with Quiz Builder, you see a black link which allows you to "assign" the quiz to the entire class or any selected students. Simply wait until the students are seated and you are ready for them to begin the quiz. At that point, pull up the Quiz Builder, click on the quiz, and click "Assign Students."

If Johnny is not present, you don't assign the quiz to Johnny. You have just prevented him from taking the quiz from home.

Your 5th period students would love to access the quiz early, but since you don't actually assign the quiz until they are seated in 5th period, they cannot access it early.

What about the student who does not finish during class and plans to finish later? First of all, you will have the Quiz Builder pulled up on your computer. As you circulate around the room to observe students, you will also be refreshing the page on the Quiz Builder for an instant update of what percentage of the quiz each student has completed and the percentage of correct answers each student has.

When you call "time" on the quiz, you borrow an old trick teachers have used for many decades: make note of who has not finished. Very simply, if you see that a student has not finished 100% of the questions, and later the Quiz Builder shows he has completed all of the questions, you know that student cheated. You won't have to address that problem many times before students get the message that you are a step ahead of them!

Testing security has been a challenge since before any of us entered the front door as students. Over the years, the tools change, and the strategy for curbing cheating changes with it. Now you have a strategy for security with this new tool. Happy quiz building!

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