Thursday, December 8, 2016

Using Quiz Builder

I had a great time with assistant principals on Tuesday. Everyone tried his/her hand at creating and scheduling an assessment on Quiz Builder. The next step is to look at results to see the information available to you.

After the students have taken a Quiz Builder quiz, log into Stride and go to the "Quiz Builder" menu. You will see a list of every quiz you have created. Click on the one you wish to see. In this post, we are using a real example of a quiz created for the Calhoun County E-Day held just prior to Thanksgiving.

Immediately, you see how many students took the test. You also see the class average. As you scroll down the screen, you see the overall score for each student. If this quiz is going in the grade book, you have the sores in front of you.

Let's dig deeper. Click on a student and here is what you see. For the student, you see how many questions were answered and the percentage. As you scroll down the screen, you see each question, the student's answer, and the correct answer.

Click on a question and you see the entire wording and all of the choices just as the student would see it, If you are conferencing with an individual student or parent, you can view this information onscreen with them.

The Reports You Can Run

You have three reports at your disposal for each quiz.

When you click the "Reports" link on the black bar, you see the three report options.

The Class & Student report is good for identifying which students mastered or experienced difficulty standard-by-standard. Each standard assessed is listed. Beside each standard is a list of all students along with the percentage of correct answers for the standard. If you are grouping for instruction by standard, doing standards-based grading, and/or differentiating instruction, this report will prove helpful.

The Class Aggregate Scores report is your item analysis. For each question, you see the percentage of students who answered correctly. This report will tell you where the class as a whole is experiencing difficulty.

The Student Score Details report will be helpful as you give feedback to students. The entire class is included in this report. You see the name of the student, overall score, their answer to each question, and the correct answer.

Print the report, and you can pass out the results to the students the way you would traditionally return test papers.

As the students look at their papers, the teacher can go over the test with them. Return to "Quiz Builder," click the name of the quiz, and click "Questions" on the black bar.

From this screen, the teacher sees the percentage of students with the correct answer for each question. By clicking on the question, the teacher displays the item along with all answer choices. The teacher can discuss why the other answers were incorrect.

Note: Be careful not to display the results of individual students to the whole class. When you click the name of the quiz, the next screen displays overall student results. Be sure you are not projecting onto the screen at that point. In Windows, hold the "Windows" key (just to the left of the "alt" key) and hit the letter "P." Here, choose to display the image to the projector. Once you click "Questions," perform another "Windows-P" to resume projecting to both the computer and screen.

Reusing Quizzes

After a while, you may have quite a list of quizzes. You can use those again in future year using the "Clone" link. Even you wanted to administer a pre-test/post-test a few days or weeks apart, the Clone feature would also come in handy. You can even get a report that compare the two administrations of the quiz.

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