Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Stride Ideas

Schools are always looking for ways to motivate students to use Stride to its fullest and recognize good work. This post explores a couple of examples.

Demetra S. Adams, Technology Support Teacher
Collins-Rhodes Elementary
Mobile County Public Schools, AL
Demetra says: "When my students use Stride, they don’t see it as doing 'school work.'  They are actually EXCITED about answering skill-based questions.  The students LOVE earning coins and academic badges!   Of course, they are even more excited about playing the games! 
Stride makes learning a fun, thrilling experience for students.  Every single day, K-5 grade students stop me in our hallways to let me know how many academic badges they’ve earned or how many coins they’ve collected.  It’s been a wonderful experience having students to be so involved in a learning program." 
You Can Model Demetra's Ideas Too!"At my school, we currently have two wall displays to showcase our Stride participation.  One of the displays highlights how many academic badges each class has earned thus far.  The other display highlights the top K-5 Stride students thus far!  The students pay close attention to these displays and monitor the stats. 
The top students received a certificate like this one. The number represents how many academic badges the student earned.  We will celebrate together with a pizza party!" 
Reginald D. Johnson, Stride Computer Lab
Alex Haley Academy
Chicago Public Schools, IL
Reginald says: "Stride sets itself apart from other supplemental programs that I’ve encountered because of its ability to gauge students’ learning and fine tune to meet their needs. Other programs are designed with simply answering the same style of multiple choice questions without much rigor. Stride on the other hand asks questions, and re-ask the questions in different ways to make sure that the student is understanding the concept. 
We couldn’t be more ecstatic about Stride in our school because it’s a wonderful tool to implement into the classrooms. Alex Haley Academy has achieved the “Level 1 plus” rating which is the top honor in Chicago Public Schools, and we can credit it to the implementation of Stride in addition to our wonderful staff." 
Need a Fresh Idea for a Contest? Try Reginald's "Race to the Green"!

"I have constructed a contest every week called 'Race to the Green'. During our weekly reports, the students get rewarded for their efforts if they achieve “Green Status” by scoring 70% or more on average in their class. Students find themselves working intently to make their class is in the green." See complete rules for the contest below!
What ideas are you using on your school? Let me know so they can be featured on this blog and in the Stride monthly newsletter.

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