Sunday, November 13, 2016

Operating Contests During Holidays

You have the ability to set up a "contest" at any time. The reason the topic surfaces now is the opportunity to motivate student participation in Stride during extended holidays.

I found a video which explains how to do it, and does so in less than 3 minutes.

Contest winners are determined by the number of "Star Points" earned during the contest.

So what's the difference between "Coins" and "Star Points"? Glad you asked.

"Star Points" are earned when the students play the games. The better they perform on the games, the more Star Points they earn. "Coins" are earned as they answer questions.

A contest can be established at the school level, or a teacher can schedule one for his/her KCC. As with many things, there are upsides and downsides. Will students have parents or older siblings answer questions for them in order to earn coins? Will they have others play the games for them to earn Star Points? How could you present a contest in a way that would minimize the motivation to try to "beat the system"? Good questions!

If you decide to run a contest, remember that what you are doing is something LTS sees as being newsworthy, so by all means seize the opportunity for some publicity for your school. That type of publicity also plays well for the state as a whole when it comes time to renew the grant. You can always send this type of information to me.

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