Monday, October 24, 2016

PMA 1 is Over. What Can I Do With the Data?

Some classes finished the first Progress Monitoring Assessment of the year. Others have been finished quite a while. The important thing is to look at the data. See what the data the saying about how effective instruction has been. Use the results to motivate students.

Here are some concrete things you can do:

  1. Run the Class PMA Report (for teachers) and School PMA Report (for administrators).
  2. Look at the standards which have been taught but were weak. How will you reteach those standards so that students master them? Are there other teachers on your grade level for whom those standards were strong? What strategies are they using?
  3. Let students know their scores in the Reading and Math portions of PMA. If you want students to take the next PMA seriously, the feedback is essential. If they hear nothing about the results, they will likely think t is not important.
  4. Run the 2015-16 PMA. How do your scores for the first PMA of 2016-17 compare with the scores from last year?
  5. Discuss with students strategies for how they can do better on PMA 2. Students should be using scratch paper on the math test. Too many students try to do the work in their heads, look at the answer choices and make a guess. Be sure they are working the problems, getting an answer, and then finding which answer choice matches their computation.
  6. Have students set goals for PMA 2.
  7. Establish incentives for students who score well on a PMA or who significantly improve their score from the previous time.
  8. Set a schedule that allows you to complete PMA early in the window. Avoid dragging it out. Just because the window lasts for a month does not mean you want it to take a month. An entire class could reasonably complete PMA within a week.

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