Saturday, October 22, 2016

Giving the Same Quiz to Multiple Classes

Jane is a 7th grade math teacher. She has 5 classes of 7th grade math (5 different KCC numbers.) Jane creates a quiz and assigns it to the students in one class. She wants, however, for the students in the other 4 classes to be assigned that quiz as well. How does she do this?

In essence, Jane would share the quizzes with herself.

On the Quiz Builder tab, Jane would be sure to check the "Share Box."

Next, Jane would log into another class to whom she wanted to assign the quiz. On the Quiz Builder tab, she would see a list quizzes already assigned to that class. She will also see the blue "Shared Quizzes" button. When she clicks on that button, she sees all of the quizzes marked for sharing.

Jane clicks "Copy" to add the quiz to this class.

At this point, Jane can make changes to the quiz. In addition to assigning it to the appropriate students, she could add or delete questions if she wanted to make the quiz for this class slightly different.

Jane would repeat this process, logging into each class to which she wanted to assign this quiz.

To keep the list of shared quizzes from becoming overly large over time, she could log into the original class and unclick the "Share" check box.

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