Wednesday, October 19, 2016

8 Great Upgrades to Quiz Builder

Quiz Builder is a great time-saver and formative assessment tool. This post was originally published last year. These updates are worth reviewing.

Wait — There's More!
Now in Stride: 8 Great Upgrades to Quiz Builder
Hello Stride Administrators and Teachers, 
Did we mention we've been busy? We're delighted to share 8 more upgrades you can enjoy today by logging in to your Stride account!Quiz Builder - Now Expanded to Meet your Advanced Assessment Needs

1. New Sharing Options2. Proctored Quizzes

3. Advanced Search of Master Quiz List
4. Ensure Assessment Integrity by Hiding Quiz Details 
5. Control Quizzes After School Hours - Admins
6. Easy Quiz Builder Mode
7. New Search Options - Adding Questions8. New Quiz Builder Reports
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New Sharing Options
Teachers: Prevent rework for your fellow teachers by sharing your custom quizzes to all other classes in your school. You may also share your quizzes up to your Stride school admin or district admin. Imagine your quizzes being used for students district-wide!

School admins: You also now have the power to share quizzes up to the district admin, or share quizzes down to all classes in your school. District admin may directly assign official quizzes down to classes.

Where to find this? 
Quiz Sharing takes place on the Quiz Builder tab of the Teacher, School Administrator and District Administrator management systems. Look for the checkboxes to "Share" a quiz. Click the "Shared Quizzes" button to view a complete list of quizzes shared with you.
Proctored QuizzesLeverage district-wide and school-wide quizzes with greater precision. Emulate high-stakes testing in a proctored setting. District admins and school admins may now assign quizzes using a "Proctored" option, in addition to the "Mandatory" and "Optional" selections.
  • Mandatory: Enforces quiz delivery to all students in the assigned class(es). Teachers will not be able to edit questions or properties.
  • Optional: Quiz becomes available to teachers. Teachers will have to take action to assign students to the quiz.
  • Proctored: Teachers receive notification to control the start of the quiz and assign students, protecting the integrity of the testing duration and environment.

    Where to find this?  From the School or District management systems, visit the Quiz Builder tab. Click on a quiz title and choose "Assign Classes" to see checkboxes for these 3 options.
Advanced Search of Master Quiz ListIf you have a large (and growing!) list of quizzes to sort through, you will appreciate the ease of locating a quiz using our updated Advanced Search option.
Where to find this?  Teachers, school admin and district admin: visit the Quiz Builder tab. Look at the list of "Your Quizzes," where you will see a new button for "Advanced Search."
Ensure Assessment Integrity by Hiding Quiz DetailsDistrict admins may now protect official quizzes by hiding quiz scores, answer keys and specific question details from school admins and/or teachers. School admins may also choose to hide details of their official quizzes from teachers.
Where to find this?  From the District or School admin management system, navigate to the Quiz Builder tab. Select "New Quiz" to create a new quiz, and you will see the option to hide details ("Quiz Hidden To" in the sample screen below.)
Control Quizzes After School Hours at the School and District Admin Levels
Also shown in the sample screen above is the ability for school or district admins to control whether or not students may access a specific quiz outside of school hours. This control was previously only available to teachers. 
New Tools for Streamlined (QUICKER!) Quiz Building
Easy Quiz Builder ModeA new "Easy" quiz building mode automatically populates a list of suggested questions to fit your quiz specifications! Simply select the desired number of questions and one or more standards to cover in the quiz. Presto! Easy Quiz Builder recommends a list of aligned questions for your quiz. 
Where to find this? Visit the Quiz Builder tab and select "New Quiz." Enter the fields to describe your new quiz, then "Save" to continue to the options for Easy or Advanced Quiz Building.
NOTE: If you like the old way of building quizzes, choose Advanced mode. This allows you the precision to select your quiz questions one by one.
New Search Options for Adding Quiz Questions
Whether in Easy or Advanced Quiz Building mode, search quickly for the questions you need. Search for keywords that would appear in standards descriptions (i.e., "perimeter" in the example below), or search by standard codes. Check the box to "Only return grade level results" for an added filter.
New Quiz Builder Reports
New Quiz Builder Reports at the district, school, class and student levels display aggregate quiz results for each and every standard assessed in the quiz. View valuable information such as:
  • The number/percentage of students who have NOT yet completed a quiz (out of those assigned) - district-wide, school-wide, and within individual classes
  • The number/percentage of students who perform BELOW the threshold value for "Passing" for a particular standard 
  • The number/percentage of students who perform ABOVE the threshold value for "Passing" for a particular standard
  • Aggregate district results, aggregate school results, and aggregate class results for each standard assessed
  • Individual students in a class categorized by those who perform BELOW or ABOVE the "Passing" threshold on a standard
  • Individual student scores and their exact answers recorded on each standard.
Where to find it? Visit the Quiz Builder tab, select the quiz of interest from the master quiz list, then select "Reports" to select from all available reporting options.
These new features are now ready to use in your Stride account.  We hope you like the changes, and we'll continue to work to provide you with efficient, friendly and accessible tools.
The LTS Education Team

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