Monday, April 11, 2016

Stride Top Scorers Spring Out!

Standout students are popping up all over Alabama, as Spring emerges with brand-new Stride learning incentives and motivational contests! Check out these highlights from your neighboring Alabama schools. We cannot wait to see how these students and schools improve their scores on the ACT Aspire!
"Million Club" Motivates 7th Graders
"Motivating students can be a difficult task, but at Lyeffion Junior High School, we know the rewards are more than worth it," says Vicki Herring, Librarian (Evergreen, Conecuh County Schools). "We also know the task of motivating our older students is a little more difficult," she says. 
"Stride is an incentive that makes learning fun and gives the students a sense of accomplishment in all our classes. Our 7th graders, especially, are reaching high levels in Star Points, and we are very proud of these students. We have 9 students in the 7th grade that are in our "Million Club," and together these students have a total of 74,850,000 points!" says Herring. Pictured above is Top Millionare Ayden Dooley, 7th Grader, who has earned more than 47,000,000 Star Points -- that's beyond incredible!
Work Hard, Play Hard
High achievers at George Hall Elementary School (Mobile County Schools) were rewarded 500 additional coins for their hard work in Stride. These winners, pictured to the right, successfully earned the most Star Points of all participants in a school-wideHoliday Contest which ran from Dec. 18-Jan.5. Winners were also honored with an Achievement Certificate atGeorge Hall's Award Ceremony. Brilliant job, you guys!
Committed to Learning... Anywhere!
Alabama students recently enjoyed a change of routine during Spring Break, but that doesn't mean the learning stopped! Second-grader Savanna Kyle is the winner of the Spring Break Math Contest organized by Windham Elementary School (Daleville City Schools) over their break. Savanna earned 9,856 Star Points over the week!
Savanna and her classmates' commitment to Stride while away from school is a wonderful reminder to prepare students with opportunities for learning even when the school doors are closed. In fact, changes in routine over breaks and summer vacations can reinforce what children have been studying in school. Time off is the perfect chance for parents and caregivers to show children how what they are learning in the curriculum relates to the everyday world around us. 
Brain Training
If the brain is like a muscle, you could call these students bodybuilders! During the Winter Wonderland Workout school-wide competition at Childersburg High School (Talladega County Schools), these high school students trained hard, answering numerous practice questions in Stride, and then sharpening their gaming skills to score Star Points. Seizing the Top 4 spots on the podium for the most Star Points earned are (left to right):
  • First Place: Jacob Walton (far left), with 268,001 Star Points
  • Second Place: Raeven Wyckoff
  • Third Place: Dynesha Garrett
  • Fourth Place: Dkembi Mann
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