Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stride Alabama News for January 2016

Stride Alabama January 2016

Welcome to a new year! Already in 2016, we are seeing amazing strides by our Alabama schools! Thank you to all of the schools who sent in Stride Contest highlights this month.
As we plunge in to second semester, remember to utilize the Progress Monitoring Assessments (PMA) Form 3 (1/11 to 2/5 testing window) and Form 4 (3/7 to 4/11).
Let's Learn While We're Relaxing!

This was the theme of C.S. Salter Elementary School's latest contest, which took place over the Winter Break (Talladega City Schools).  Linda Varnedore, School Instructional Assistant, was extremely proud of all participants who decided to keep learning alive while having fun over the break! Congratulations to the winners, pictured below:
  1. First Place: Lesdy Jacinto-Ramirez (5th Grade) - 190,743 Star Points
  2. Second Place: Harmony Webb (4th Grade) - 107,444 Star Points
  3. Third Place: Karla Jacinto Reyes (3rd Grade) - 84,883 Star Points
May the Force Be With You!

Delfreda Coleman, Librarian
 at North Highland Elementary School in Hueytown, led her students in a "Light Saber Challenge" to find which Jedi student could battle to the top of the leaderboards with the Most Star Points accumulated over a 3-week period.
Congratulations to the Top 3, pictured below! Those Star Point totals are out of this world!
High Scoring Holidays 
B.B Comer Memorial High School (Sylacauga) students also participated in a Stride contest over the Christmas break, and the winners' scores were absolutely phenomenal!  Stride Administrator Rhonda Vanzant contributed this picture of the top scorers for each category:
  1. Grades 9-12 Winner: Stephanie Green (left) - 1,240,074 Star Points
  2. Grades 7-8 Winner: Hayley Fowler (right) - 16,495,636 Star Points (WOW!)
Holiday Hootenanny 
At Kitty Stone Elementary in Jacksonville City, 155 students across 5 grade levels participated in the Stride Holiday Hootenanny Contest held during the Christmas break! Last year, only 18 students participated, so this year's increase is tremendous!
The Grand Prize Winner (top scorer) in each grade level received a giftcard to a local restaurant, the book of their choice, and a Stride certificate. Second through 5th Place Winners in each grade level received books of their choice and Stride certificates. What awesome rewards! Congratulations to all of the winners in each grade level, pictured below.
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