Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What Are You Thankful For?

I received this email from Stride today:

Good afternoon, friends!

I'd like to ask your help in connecting me to some of your key contacts and Stride cheerleaders in the Alabama schools. For the month of November, I am gathering Expressions of Thankfulness to share in our next Alabama Stride e-Newsletter! 

Specifically, I am looking for two things:
  1. Teachers or administrators who will share why they are thankful for Stride.
  2. Students who will share why they are thankful for their favorite teacher. 
The teacher feedback is valuable to us for obvious reasons; the student feedback is heartfelt, endearing and brings a smile to everyone's faces as they are reminded of what an impression teachers make on their students. I know I always enjoy reading the candid thoughts of children.

Can you help me gather these statements of thankfulness, OR, can you please send me the names and contact information so that I may reach out to them personally? I am happy to do so if you will simply recommend some folks you believe will participate! 

Thank you in advance for your (always wonderful) help! I'd like to have these by Nov. 15 at latest.

Amy Frith

If you would like to respond to Amy, you can do so at this address.

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