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Stride Alabama e-News: October 2015

Stride Alabama e-News: October 2015
Happy Halloween! 
This month has been a TREAT for us here at LTS and Stride. We had a blast during our first-everHomecoming Week, and we want to thank all of our Alabama schools who showed their #StridePride onFacebook and social media!
We've also had a HUGE influx of Stride stories, pictures and video submissions from across the state. Keep them coming!
The "MILLION CLUB" at Lyeffion Junior High (Evergreen)
Lyeffion staff have designed a unique motivational opportunity for their junior high students. They've created a beautiful, star-studded "Million Club" banner (pictured above) that teachers update every 1-2 weeks to celebrate students with the top Star Points. 
Lyeffion students are utilizing Stride in the computer lab, on iPads (in the classroom and library), and at home on a daily basis. Lyeffion teachers also use Stride for RTIto help struggling students improve math and reading skills.  

"The points add up fast," says Vicki Herring. "The students remind me when their totals need changing! Our top student now has 11,933,299 Star Points! They are very proud of their points and really enjoy having their names and total Star Points on the banner.  I also display the names of the student who has the most Star Points (under a million) and the most coins in each class. This motivates them to keep working to be in the Million Club!" 
At the end of the year on "Honors Day," the students in the Million Club receive T-shirts and certificates and are recognized before the faculty, student body and parents. They are also rewarded with  a cupcake/brownie/popcorn party! Congratulations to ALL members of the Million Club! Keep working hard!
"We really enjoy this program! You should hear all of the 'coin noise' in the computer lab when they are answering questions correctly! The students love that!" -Vicki Herring, Lyeffion JHS
Bookmarks for Bulldogs at Highland Elementary (Gadsden)
All Highland Elementary students who reached their goals during the 1st Nine Weeks of school were awarded a Captain Captivator Bookmark (designed by the creative staff at Highland Elementary!) along with a fun Halloween Pencil!  Nice work, Bulldogs!
"We are proud of these boys and girls!" says Jana Moon, Media Specialist & Technology Coordinator.
Ice Cream and Photo Shoots at Collins-Rhodes Elementary (Eight Mile)
Demetria S. Adams, Technology Support Teacher, reports that students at Collins-Rhodes Elementary celebrated their 1st quarter Stride achievements with anIce Cream Bash and Photo Shoot! The fifth grade students who earned themost academic badges for 1st quarter were treated to an ice cream bash with a lavish toppings bar.  These top students also participated in an exclusive photoshoot in which they had their pictures taken with the very special Stride Academy Top Student frame.  
These top Collins-Rhodes students also received certificates congratulating them for their top honors.  Principal Veronica W. Coleman is very pleased with her students’ participation in the Stride program. She looks forward to students earning even more academic badges for 2nd quarter!
Back to School Blitz at Florence Middle School (Florence)

Instructional Partner Jill Edwards
 shared pictures of Florence Middle School's first school-wide contest winners as they enjoyed a pizza celebration and shared their favorite things about the Stride program -- and their "wish list" of what they'd like to see next in Stride! We always appreciate the feedback of our students! 
The school-wide Stride competition took place over a short, four-day period to see how many points students could earn over the long weekend (since they were off on Monday). What a great idea to hold a "blitz contest" over a short vacation period!
Have a Happy Halloween and a safe weekend! Thanks to all of our Alabama schools for your dedication to the Stride program. Send your school's highlights, pictures, videos or story ideas for next month to:

Amy Frith, editorStride Alabama e-News

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